Pardon My Absence, I’ve Been Projecting

If you’re a frequent follower, you may remember me congratulating our friends on their recent Traverse City home purchase. Sure, it’s not their first home, but Tony and I felt like the landmark occasion warranted a housewarming gift. The only problem with that is we did not know what to get. What do you get people who have been married for several years and have a fair collection of stuff they intend to drop off at Goodwill before they complete their move? Continue reading

The Best Way to Pack

Tony and I got back to northern Michigan yesterday evening after a week in southern Ohio visiting friends and family. At one point, when a friend asked Tony if we could stay for a while, Tony joked that “No, we have to be doing something different every fifteen minutes.” It was that kind of trip, which is to say the best kind…and also the worst kind. It was the kind absolutely packed with people. I’d fill you in on the details, but I don’t want to wear you out, too ;) Continue reading

Approaching a New Bathroom

I think last time I left you we had installed the concrete backer board on our walls and floor. The next step was to apply a waterproof membrane. Directions on the back of the product indicated that it could be troweled on or applied with a roller. We opted for the trowel. I’m sure we had a good reason, but when we opened the bucket-o-membrane at home, that reason was no longer obvious. Continue reading