Early Evening at Pyramid Point

Last Wednesday after work, Tony and I rushed over to the Pyramid Point trail in Leelanau county. Despite the showers that lingered well past lunch, the skies had cleared. Also, at about 75 degrees (24 C) – probably our last warm day of the year – we wanted to enjoy the remainder of the afternoon outdoors before the increasingly early sunset. Continue reading

Loving Fall – My Current Favorite

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that I touted showy fall photos, but then got too excited about the aurora from the same night, and so shared that instead. As promised, though, this post is loaded with autumnal glory. Tony has always claimed fall as his favorite season, and I think I’ll claim it as mine, too. Until winter comes along. Then it’ll be my favorite. Followed by spring morels. And then I’ll love the warm rays of summer. I am a fair-weather fan. To appropriate a favorite Strong Bad quote: The seasons are like my childrens. I love them all.
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Kayaking the Fall Salmon Run on the Platte

The Platte River is one of my favorite places up here to kayak. The water is beautiful, and the surroundings are perfectly soothing. We put in at the national park area right off of M-22, near Riverside Canoe Trips. If you take the road directly to the mouth of river, it’s about 2.25 miles, but the Platte winds and bends a fair amount, so I’m sure it’s a bit more. I hadn’t paddled those waters since April, when my sister visited, but for the rest of my companions it had been since last August. Because the water is so clear and calm, it is also a favorite place for tourists, so we leave them to it in the summer and enjoy it virtually on our own during the off-season.

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Trail Running on My Northern Michigan Roads

Despite a knee that aches (not a new development – it’s done this since high school) and not being built for it (I am decidedly not lanky), I am a runner. I used to argue this point with Tony – him for, me against – until I finally accepted it. I almost never go for more than ten days without running, and though I am not fast, I am very consistent. Since it’s something I frequently enjoy, I thought I’d take you along. You don’t have to run. Continue reading

Another U.P. Roadtrip

We’re in the process of considering our next vehicle (we are very deliberate planners: we intend to test-drive several – which we’ve heavily researched already – in November when the weather is less than inviting, and then purchase sometime after the winter, when we will have gotten the most out of our already-purchased snow tires), and at the top of our list of imperatives is comfort. I know that a lot of people would say the same thing, but – and I quote every chain letter in history and several Jerry Springer guests – we are for real. We make a significant number of 8-hour drives each year to visit our families, and have historically made a couple of 16-hour trips to the office in Atlanta. These are the one-way times. In summation: we spend a lot of time in the car. Continue reading