The State of the Woods

It’s the time of year again when we start spending nearly all our free time in the woods, staring downward, looking for morels. We always start the search far too early, and this year is no exception. We knew it was, but we wanted to see how things were looking out there. Turns out, there’s more green stuff above ground than we had expected. Not only are the trout lilies popping up – they’re among the first plants to re-emerge after winter, like crocuses, but longer-lived – but some leeks have sprouted up too.

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Early Spring Gallivanting

It seems to be a late spring for everyone, and while looking at the giant piles of snow in the front yard that the snowmobilers like to ramp, I was feeling doubly sorry for myself thinking we might never see our snowpack melt. Then I looked at some photos from this time two years ago – a little less snow on the ground, but there nonetheless. No crocuses, those first harbingers of spring, until mid-April. Sigh. Continue reading

Busy Beavers of Skegemog Swamp

We awoke to a little over an inch of snow this morning, which is nothing compared to the ten inches of powder Kathy got in the UP, but it’s a start. It’s practically gone now, but we enjoyed seeing the back yard and neighbor’s pasture lit up in the dim light of almost-dawn – a treat only for the winter. We were expecting overcast skies, typical of the lake effect snow pattern that permeates this portion of the calendar, but by mid-afternoon, the clouds had mostly broken up and blown away. Continue reading

Only for a moment and the moment’s gone

We enjoyed a complete lack of adventure today. I lounged around in pj’s until well after lunch, munched sun-warmed tomatoes from my “garden,” and even had a few ripe grapes straight from our vines (speaking of which – I might make something from all those gorgeous bunches this year!). Rain blew in during the early afternoon, so we drove into TC to shop for Jess’s birthday present. (Success! Now I just need her suggestion for a cake, ahem.) Continue reading

The Northern Sun

If you take a moment to consider it – or have been previously taught – it’s not too difficult to comprehend that as the seasons change, so does the sun’s position in the sky. (If it is difficult to comprehend, check out this infographic provided for your comprehension-boosting pleasure.) We had a stark reminder of this tonight as we tucked the sun in at the Lake Skegemog overlook.
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