A Torch Lake Evening

We’ve been here a little over a week now, and while there have been many things to “write home about,” there hasn’t been much time.  So instead of sitting down and not deciding where to start, I’ll start with today, and share backwards as I get to it.

After hanging around the house all day putting more finishing touches on the move (how many days of finishing touches are there?) in my PJs, we headed out to Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen for some Cajun.  We considered stopping in yesterday on our tour-de-North, but the place was beyond crowded, and we didn’t move here for the crowds!  I looked up some reviews online, and people suggested allotting 2 hours to dinner, including wait, on a typical summer weekend night.  We decided to wait for a weeknight.  We didn’t wait long…It’s a world different from the Cajun Depot in Ellijay, but it was excellent!

On our way back, we stopped at Torch Bridge, where the Torch River meets Torch Lake.  I was treated to a super-cute puppy!  He was obsessing about a sunken stick, dipping his head into the water and pawing at it until he got it within jaws’ reach.  Clearly, he was a happy boy!

The sign said no diving, but I think he’s probably okay.

We went home and played some lacrosse for the first time since we’ve been here.  There’s a Little League park down the road from us (which makes an excellent setting for ice cream and sunsets on the beach, but that’s another whole post entirely), and we’ve commented about how it would be a nice place to play lacrosse.  So is our yard.  We haven’t had a good place to play since we first moved nearly 10 years ago, so it seems like a bit of a miracle that there’s literally a great place for it right in our own backyard!  Luckily our neighbor seems nice, because I got to trespass to retrieve an errant ball within short order.

Tony had read up on Coy Mountain Preserve, because we had come upon it in a recent outing.  It seemed like it would be an awesome place to watch the sun set over Torch Lake, as it’s a mountain.  Okay, so it’s not a mountain.  But, it is higher than the surroundings, so we hiked.  The woods were beautiful, with lots of old-growth hardwoods.  Not very many mushrooms, though, because we looked.  Yes, the season is over.  But if you’re a shroomer, then you know that sometimes you look anyway.  Just in case.

Turns out there are leaves on the trees, and the overlook sites were actually just benches.  The view was still gorgeous, but we wanted a more direct line-of-sight, so we traipsed off the ridge, and headed to a local park.  I took pictures; Tony skipped rocks; the sun set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a good evening.


14 thoughts on “A Torch Lake Evening

  1. It looks like a week well spent! Your home and garden seem to be coming along nicely. You are becoming acquainted with your locality and the activities nearby.
    It looks to be a lovely area, with places to go, and things to do, yet has places for quiet and solitude.
    The pictures are interesting and beautiful; love the slide-show!
    Love ya!

  2. I love the blog and the pictures. What you describe is the way Ellijay was when I was growing up here back in the dark ages before I left home and before Hwy 515. Will miss you next year and look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Hi so good to hear from you. beautiful pics. we are in our 11th day of hiking across spain on the camino. fabulous! maybe when we grow up we can join you guys at higgins lake for a weekend. love, J & P

    • How many days will you be hiking? I thought of you recently when I came across a story of a couple biking from Georgia to their summer place in Torch Lake. I think they did a little over 1,600 miles in 39 days! I hope you’re enjoying your journey!

  4. It looks gorgeous up there, I’m jealous! It also seems like its very suited to you guys. I’m glad everything is working out for you so well, although I miss you terribly. Jared Sweat and I decided that if you were our age we would be best friends, haha.

    • We love it! We went for a hike tonight at almost 10:00…no flashlights needed 🙂 You and Jared (and others…) are really great people and I’ll miss you guys, too. If it ever worked out and you wanted to come, you’d be welcome in our home! Keep me posted about your goings-on 🙂

      • Aw, I’m so glad your happy! Oh my gosh, that would be so awesome maybe it will work out some time. Your the best; I really want to be like you when I’m a teacher.

  5. Oh my God, Heather, it is so hard to reach you guys! How are you? I just sent you the message below and it was returned to me. Please e-mail me with your contact info. I’d love to hear what you are up to, besides the move!


    Finally! I found you! I was determined to find you guys today!

    How are you? I see you are still teaching, that’s great! How’s Tony? Your family?

    I don’t have any contact information for either of you and I think of both of you often. I hope you are doing well and to hear from you both soon!

    Lourdes (From Sylvan)

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