A Series of Unexpected Events

We headed to Kalkaska today during lunch to stop at a small place we had previously window-shopped at.  Tony says it’s like a poor man’s antique place, and I’d say that’s pretty close.  The main purveyor goes “all over” (his words; after some discussion, I gathered that “all over” means estate sales, auctions, and in general, all over) and buys stuff that he resells.  Prices were fair, and we got some cool stuff.  I might put up pictures if I get around to it, but our new treasures include a trunk, 4 mismatched chairs for the breezeway, and an odd piece of furniture that needs some work, but will function as a loveseat – also for the breezeway.  All in all, the place was a good find, and we are stoked about the things we bought.

On the way into town, we drove by the local oobie bar (that’s what a friend’s son from Kentucky calls ’em!).

When I say “local,” that’s what I mean; this place is about 5 miles down the road from us.  We now live in Rapid City, Michigan.  For those of you who don’t already know, Rapid City is about as much of a city as I am a boy. (That might not fair; I’m a bit of a tomboy…)  In fact, here’s the drive approaching the bar:

There’s a casino about 15 miles away, and I’d expect showgirls there, but this place is literally in the middle of nowhere.  I guess it’s there for people who just can’t find something else to do.  Perhaps the winters are just too snowy and the summers too buggy?  (On a side note, we haven’t had to break out the bug spray yet…)

I’m pretty sure Tony did some work today, but I can’t be entirely certain, because I spent the rest of the day outside.  I contemplated mowing the yard, but upon close inspection, decided that our grass isn’t what you’d call jungle-y in comparison to the neighbors.  Instead, I worked on the flowerbed out back, such as it is.  Mom would be proud (I think), Dad would be sympathetic (to Tony), and Tony would roll his eyes (if he was entirely sure I did it!), because I converted a small bit of yard into flowerbed today.  If you didn’t see it before, it won’t look like much, but I assure you, it was a coup!

So the back of the house looks a little more cared for now, but just to show me up and quiet me down, the neighbor mowed his lawn.  I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Darn those Joneses!

I promised unexpected, so here’s one more for you:

That’s right, there’s a dead fish in our tree.  I don’t know either.

Last, I’ll leave you with a neat little beach bum we met on Memorial Day.  We stopped at a nature preserve in Antrim county – a bit north of here.   We heard him long before we saw him, but after he put on his (or more likely hers?) display, I ran back to the car to grab the camera.  I suspect there was something important nearby, because the bird was not going to let us any nearer without a fight!

Oh yeah, the view over Grand Tranverse Bay tonight at about 8:15:


3 thoughts on “A Series of Unexpected Events

  1. A dead fish in your freaking tree?! Okay, I’m waiting for this blog to unroll slowly into something very close to the plot of the Chevy Chase movie, “Funny Farm” 🙂

    Loving the updates (keeps me from actually doing work during the day) and can’t wait to come and visit y’all. Keep the beautiful pictures and amusing stories coming!

  2. first of all – another beautiful sunset!

    secondly – fish in the tree = WEIRD. perhaps your neighbors are angry about your jungle grass and want to lure in… bears? (or whatever animals may prowl those parts).

    welcome to the jungle 😉

    FLOWER BED LOOKS AWESOME! can’t wait to see it in person 🙂

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