Rainy Day Recon

It rained lightly for most of the afternoon, but I can’t complain too much.  The whole region has had a bit of a drought, and frankly I don’t want to burn my woods (or house!) down when I get around to burning some brush we’ve cleared.  Determined not to waste some free time, we headed out after Tony was done working early this evening to scope out some places to go and take people when the weather is more cooperative.  After reading this blog, we drove west to check out some Platte River access.  Indeed, the section of river upstream of Platte Lake is swift and loggy.  I’m not sure I’d canoe it, but it looks fun for kayaking!

Now that I know what they are, I feel compelled to include one more shot of the flowers.  In case you missed it, and don’t already know, they are Forget-Me-Nots.  And I love them.  Especially when I can get a nice macro shot with the river in the background!

We came across these beautiful shelf fungi in the state forest campground.  While there, speculating on how mushroom-y the woods looked, it occurred to me that I evaluate all forests in this way.  That looks like a good ridge! I don’t know that I’d eat these mushrooms (if I could identify them as edible and tasty, I would…just to be clear), but the slugs were chowing down.

Being interested in a trip we might actually take in the upcoming week, we took off in the trusty GTI and located the canoeable section of water.  It’s still pretty quick.  The water is surprisingly clear, even for here, and very inviting.  We watched some kayakers dive into the river near its delta, and I would have been tempted, too, if it had been warmer or even just sunny.  As things were, I was just impressed by the natural beauty.

Doesn't it look like an ad? It also LOOKS clean. The Shawlers might guess that it isn't, really.

Being road trip masters, we took the long way home, and came across this little guy shortly after leaving the Lake Michigan shoreline.  It was big enough that I knew it wasn’t a squirrel (there are black ones up here, in case you didn’t know…look for future posts, because I think the rodents are adorable!), and it wasn’t walking like a cat or raccoon.  Then I remembered: we have porcupines up here!

The long road home was aimed at letting us check out a dam on the Manistee River.  We got there at about 9:30, with enough light to see that the dam does in fact seem to hold water.  There are a lot of steps down, but it was worth the effort.

I’m not sure that we’ll spend much time at the dam, but we’ll probably check it out again later in the year.  However, I bet we’ll spend more time a bit more downstream, below Tippy Dam.  The salmon run there in the in fall:)  Currently, I’m most looking forward to the Platte and Lake Michigan beyond.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Recon

  1. You know i’m lovin’ the forget-me-not shots 🙂


    (i’ll stop shouting now)

    • I think of you every time I take a picture like that. We were in a little roadside park in Petoskey the other day (near the over-the-street bridge), and I took a picture of a tiny mushroom poking up through the grass. It made me think of dewy dandelions:)

  2. Ok, a few things.

    1. That is totally a porcupine!
    2. I’m totally smuggling a porcupine back home when we visit 🙂

    3. Did someone else make that rock formation or did you? Because Joe said something about the fish in the tree thing being very Blair Witch-esque and if that rock formation was already there, well, he may be onto something there.

    4. What kind of camera do you use? The pictures are awesome 🙂

    • 1. Yes, indeed.
      2. They don’t look like very good cuddlers!
      3. They’re called cairns. They could possibly represent some demon, but I’m going to go ahead and doubt it;)
      4. A Nikon P90. I’d like to take credit for the pictures, but it’s probably more honest to attribute their beauty to nature.

      Glad you’re enjoying! We have to get together sometime in the near future!

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