Of Pirates and Ponies

Beautiful things abound in the world, if you only take the time to find them.  I take a camera with me on nearly every excursion (and am disappointed when I discover I haven’t grabbed it!) in the hopes of capturing something lovely on film pixels.  The past weekend was sure to impress, what with a national dressage championship and schooner festival.  Saturday was a rainy mess, so we skipped out on the actual championship, but Sunday was brilliant, and warmer than our recent weather.  In short, it was an idyllic day to sit on a hillside and watch horses perform with apparent effortless grace.  We watched a competition among seven horses and their trainers.  It was truly impressive; the trainers looked like they were just sitting atop a horse that had memorized a routine.  (I am told this is not so, and I reluctantly believe that.)  In each Grand Prix round, the horse (who needs a trainer?) came out and stopped in front of a judge’s stand, as if in introduction.  Then it proceeded to prance around the ring doing who-knows-what, and doing it well.  I am pretty sure that I would have fallen out of bounds more than once if I were dancing around the way those horses were.  I am sure if you knew what you were looking at, it would be even more eventful.  As it was, the horses were gorgeous, the day was sunny and fabulous, and we enjoyed the show.

…until about 2:00, and the weather had cooperated so nicely, that we headed into Traverse City to give the schooner festival another go.  We stopped in Saturday, but didn’t get out of the car (top picture in the set below).  Sunday was better.

In addition to the schooners, the bay abounded with other boaters.  It was super-sunny and warm, but it was also incredibly windy.  We watched windsurfers move across the water faster than you might think possible.  I think if someone wanted to donate one of those to me, I’d do it.

This one looks a little harder to manage.  It probably doesn’t just fold up the way the one above does…

Other than weekend gallivanting, we haven’t been into a whole lot lately.  I’ve started on my quest to learn how to program.  I can do a few very basic things in Python.  But, I dropped that, because Tony can be my on-call teacher for PHP.  So, I can also now do a few very basic things in that, too.  Also, we went to an NHL prospects tournament game tonight.  It was in a small venue, so the seats were great.  Yes, Jess, a couple fights 🙂  Double overtime, no shoot-out.  Good times.

This whole post I’ve felt a little scatter-brained, and I continue to feel out-of-sorts.  But I have some more good (at least I think so) photos to share, so bare with me here.  I apologize in advance for the lack of accompanying narrative.  Without further ado: your requisite sunset shots:

The Elk River and Lake Michigan in the distance

Lake Skegemog

Not a sunset, per se…

A moody afternoon at Lake Bellaire

And other beautiful things just waiting for someone to find them:

I believe these to be zebra mussels. If so, it's too bad they're so destructive, because they make a great macro.

I like to think this little guy was keeping Crazy Face company. (Tony christened a neighboring horse as such, based on his behavior. We have no idea his real name. He won't tell us. Seriously.)

See? Not everything beautiful requires water or a sunset 🙂


4 thoughts on “Of Pirates and Ponies

  1. Beautiful pictures. I would love to be there to see the schooners sometime. (See, I have been watching! Missed this this morning cause we left for Sam’s as soon as the bus went.)

    • We didn’t actually board any of them…figured we’d do that sometime with visitors :). The weather here is definitely trending cooler. The horses next door came out with blankets on this morning. Think I’ll just stay in…no Sams-ing in my immediate future. But you know how that goes: “immediate” could mean just the next couple hours!

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