I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello

Fall is the season for goodbyes. The tourists have pretty much all dried up and blown away home.  The leaves on the trees are starting to change color in earnest and will soon drift down from their lofty perches.  Boats have been moved from their dockside abodes into shrink-wrapped storage.  But fall isn’t all goodbyes; apples are ripe and delicious, the salmon are making their yearly spawning runs, and fall flowers abound.   And that’s what I’ve got for you.  Tony and I have been planning an underwater adventure, but the weather keeps not cooperating.

See? This is entirely too much surf in which to be exploring around old piers looking for fish.

Instead, we took a drive up north yesterday, following the coast pretty much constantly from Charlevoix to Wilderness State Park, outside Mackinaw City.

The Mackinac Bridge, which connects Michigan's lower and upper peninsulas.

Along the way we discovered a bakery in Petoskey that has fantastic pumpkin donuts and blueberry scones, and a cute antique/consignment store in which we window shopped.  North of Harbor Springs, the road narrows to one windy lane and meanders through a lightly crenulated landscape. In my mind, it was quite Kentucky-esque.

I see silos like this all over northern Michigan. I love them!

As I mentioned, the fall flowers are in full bloom, so naturally I took pictures.

An unspecified yellow flower

Unopened milkweed

I think milkweed seeds could make a nice down alternative...

Another unspecified, but cool - and fuzzy - plant

Some berries. Also unspecified.

Burning bush. Not a great composition, but the color is admirable!

Some kind of thistle

Beachy goldenrod

Purple aster

And not surprisingly, you can see the lake in the background of each of those pictures if you look carefully 🙂  For many of you it is still quite summery out.  For us, fall has arrived, and I welcome it happily.  For now.

One more, for the road:

Us on a dolomite glacial boulder. For those of you wondering why Tony looks SO cool (I know...zero of you), it's because his not visible t-shirt has Strong Bad on it.


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