Fall Phantasmagoria

I’ve been saying for a while to await fall pictures, that I’d travel around with my trusty camera to capture autumn’s beauty.  Well, I wasn’t lying, so sit back and let the slide show load.  It has 25 of my favorite fall pictures, in no particular order.  Some of the pics are from the very beginning of October, when Tony’s mommy and daddy were in.  Others are from a random trek I took through Kalkaska and Antrim counties.  Still others are from a fall color tour Tony and I took yesterday, through inland northern Michigan over to the coast in Manistee.  And the remains are from our kayak trip out on Torch Lake today.  I won’t guarantee any more fall pictures, but don’t be surprised if I post edition 2 of this blog.  We seem to be at just the right distance from the trees to really enjoy their color, and frankly, it’s distracting to try to drive down the highway with all the fall diversions!  Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Fall Phantasmagoria

  1. You’ve got no small amount of skill at capturing both the color and quiet peace of each natural moment. I really dig each one of these, especially the calm Torch pick, ‘leaves drifting across the lake’, and Torch Lake with the maple backdrop-

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