Masquerading as March

Just when I was pretty sure October’s beauty was nearly spent, the weather changed and brought with it its own charms.  Except for those in the understorey and nearest the lakes, the trees around here have all but dropped their leaves.  It’s sad to watch them go: this time of year – not colorful, rainy and cold, before the arrival of snowy winter – vies for early spring as my least favorite.  But, I really do think you can find good things to look at (and take pictures of!) if you’re determined.  And we all I know I am 🙂

I awoke the other morning as the sun rose over the frosty pasture next door.  There was a light fog draped over the valley in the back of our neighbor’s property.  It was cold, and the incoming light was pink.  It was perfect for climbing back into my toasty bed.  Except I started thinking about the pictures I could take.  I bundled up and went out.  Here’s what I got:

Crazy Face joined me first. He acts like he doesn't care...

They're as bad as cats...

He was particularly nosey. Drum roll, please 😉

The fog over the back pasture

A lovely little dew drop (no onion patch, Mom...)

Despite my whining about the recent lack of colorful leaves, we have really had an unusually mild fall.  We have had overwhelmingly more sunny days than cloudy days.  So when we had our first stormy October day, I was quick on the uptake:

Dramatic lighting...

...makes pretty pictures!

Since that day we’ve had fairly normal fall weather…intermittent rain, sun, warm and cold.  And then yesterday, the Weather Channel (among others, I’m sure) raised their red flag and told us we had upcoming high wind warnings.  (In fact, I just got a text from the Weather Channel extending the high wind warning.)And they weren’t kidding.  All day today we could hear the wind fighting with our trees and screens.  We had a March-like tornado watch for several hours.  We had periods of rain, snow, hail, and…sun.  In one of those sunny,  precipitation reprieves, I took a walk down the road to assess the state of things.  The state was windy.  And wet.  And the leaves smelled great!  The recent rains, though stripping most of the trees of their leaves, have brought out the remaining color, which is stunning in its own, non-fireworks-esque way.

Brilliant Ash leaves

Look closely; the tree (either a paper birch or an aspen) is crooked, not my picture

And most dramatically, the wind has whipped Lake Michigan into a fury.  After work tonight, Tony and I jaunted over the west coast to check out the waves.  We were not disapponted:

Lake Michigan (in Empire) on the left, South Bar Lake on the right

My nod to upcoming spooky celebrations

Looking north toward Sleeping Bear Dunes

North, closer

Tough plant hanging on...despite the ridiculous waves

Crashing waves

View looking directly west

Please forgive me the fuzziness.  It was exceedingly windy and alternately rainy.  I tried to photograph the drifting sand, but it didn’t work out.  You’ll have to take my word for it that I’m still picking sand out of my hair, and it continues to fall out of my pants every time I stand up.  Here’s hoping we make it through the wind tonight and tomorrow!  For the record, if our house does blow away, I hope it at least lands on a wicked witch.  Or an evil politician.


4 thoughts on “Masquerading as March

  1. my vote is for the evil politician..but there is such an abundance..would be tough to pick just one. I hope your house just stays put…lol
    The waves look reminiscent of what we saw on outerbanks when the hurricane was churning about 100 miles out! Beautiful

  2. Just shared this and the rest of your blogs with Marlene. She loved the show! And am pretty sure you will have a new fan checking in on the first of the month!

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