Winter Wonders

When we first considered moving Up North, I seriously contemplated if I could withstand the cold, and if the preponderance of outdoor winter activities would outweigh the low temperatures.  When we had furnace troubles at the start of winter, I gave further thought to this moot point.  And again when we had more furnace troubles.  And again when we bought our second tank of propane.  But, our furnace guy is reliable, and the problem was more ignorance than a problem.  And, we have Taken Measures to deal with the heat wafting out the windows.

For those of you know me as a cold wuss (that should be any of you who know me!), you should also know that I’m having a great time…which generally speaking, means that so is Tony 🙂  We’ve invested in snow shoes, downhill skis and accessories, and other cold gear.  I’ve had to resort to stick-on toe warmers, but hey, it keeps me skiing warmly for hours!  We’ve been pretty busy the last month, with a week-long trip to Ohio, followed by a week-long visit from our best-good-friends, followed immediately by a 5-day visit from two of the best boys in the world.

Overall, we’ve had an excellent time playing in and exploring through the snow.  Even on the cloudiest days, we don’t turn our light on in the house until the sun sets, because the reflective snow makes doing so a redundant waste.  But this week, just when we were recovering from all our visits and visitors, the arctic air arrived, cooling things considerably.  It’s my understanding that seasonable temperatures are in the low 20’s.  That’s good skiing weather, to me.  In time, I might even be able to talk myself into enjoying the slopes in the teens.  However, the weather this week has had other plans for me.  Mostly those plans include staying inside glued to a book…and waiting a few days for warmer (ha!) conditions to frolic in.  In the meantime, here are some images of some of our explorations:

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