Spring Serendipity

If my last post centered on an idyllic Spring day, this post focuses on a downright irascible one.  To wit: yesterday we had highs in the low 40’s (well below average) and continuous soaking rain, promptly followed by a high-wind advisory lasting until 11pm tonight.  Today’s forecast wasn’t much of an improvement over yesterday’s; instead of 70% chance of showers, we were looking forward to 40% chance of snow/rain showers.  Yay!  Most sensible folks, I’m sure, made plans to spend the weekend indoors.  While I’ve occasionally been accused of being sensible, I’ve more frequently been accused of being hard-headed and even cantankerous.  So, did we stay inside?  Absolutely not.  High winds from the west?  To the Dunes we go!  And to Manistee, for good pizza!

We woke up to snow on the ground (See what I mean?  Surly weather indeed!) and clouds in the air.  But Spring is ever fickle, and by the time we arrived in Empire, the skies had cleared and the waves were spectacular.  While I might not feel safe venturing out into the Big Lake on a day like this, the water’s siren-song is never more beautiful or enticing.

Looking north to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, where theres a snow shower striking

Looking northwest toward South Manitou Island (and Wisconsin)

Looking forward to summer 😉

After a good sandblasting (you would not believe all the places I’ve found sand…and I was bundled up in my ski coat!), we headed for the Dune drive, which has been closed since the beginning of Winter.  Luck held momentarily, and the super-nice lady at the gate welcomed us happily.  We stopped at several overlooks where capricious Mama Nature dealt us a mixed hand:

Sunny overlook

Blowing snow and sand, about two minutes later

North Bar Lake, buried in snow...probably another two minutes later

Departing snow storm, five minutes later?

Sun-lit cute flower. But no morels...I checked 😉

South of the Dunes, the immense gravitational pull of Pt. Betsie pulled us in, which was awesome since the sun was back out.  If you’ve looked at some of the preceding pictures and decided it didn’t look that cold (spoken like a northerner!), you’ll soon change your mind:

Crystal Lake thru an Aspen (across the road from Pt. Betsie). Weve already discussed how much I love these trees, so Im sure youre not surprised to see another one

Something windy (wintry?) this way comes

Ahhh...the cause of the ice

Nearing dinner time, and Manistee, we decide to eat first and beach later.  After all, we’ve got a good 2 hours before the lighting conditions deteriorate, it’s already completely gray out, and we don’t want to miss pizza.  By the way, if you’re ever in the area, you have to get a Chicago pizza from Big Al’s in Manistee.  Tony’s still full and we brought home half the pizza.  But I digress.  Onward, to the Manistee Lighthouse:

Lake Michigan through the dunes on Manistees 5th Avenue Beach. Which I should mention that you cannot actually access from 5th Avenue. Go figure.

From the beach to the north

Nearing the lighthouse on the pier

Nice splash! (compliments - sans snarks - of Tony, who also took the sandblasted tree and iced tree photos above)

Our temperamental Spring day finished up with a large, bright full moon. (Aside: we watched this incredible moon become clouded over to a soundtrack of Agalloch, compliments of Jim C.  A perfect fit, and if you are at all interested in atmospheric metal, you should check it out.  Check them out even if you don’t think you’re into that kind of thing 🙂 )  Which you’ll just have to imagine, because the pictures didn’t come out.  Some things you have to experience without a lens.

5 thoughts on “Spring Serendipity

  1. ‘Morning. I am always astonished to go to Rapid City and see Lake Michigan. We do get around up here, don’t we! Nice pictures of the Big Lake, especially the spray over the breakwater.

    • There’s so much beauty up here; I’m sure we miss lots as it is, so we must make it a point to get around! As for the breaker, we had lots of opportunity yesterday. That lake was ferocious.

  2. Of all the many inspiring posts you’ve put up, Sistah, this has to be my fave. Not only are those three pics of the mighty Michigan are some of my favorite yet seen, the fact that you took the time to plug my new fave band whilst taking in the panorama helped push this one to the top of my list. John Haugm and co. would be proud \m/

    • Admittedly, you create more opportunities to find favorite new bands, but many, many thanks for turning us onto these guys! If I hadn’t been so worn out from the day’s excursions, I might have been moved to some small tears. Or at least goosebumps 🙂 I like them that much!

  3. Heather, I enjoy your posts and pics about your new home in Michigan. Makes me want to move! Am still teaching business next year. What I am really posting about is Atlas Shrugged. There is an Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 movie out as of April 15. Not a major studio release, but you can see the trailer if you google Atlasshrugged.com. Miss you.

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