A Walk Outside

May delivers multiple payloads Up North. Your spring has likely come and mostly gone, on account of most of you live considerably farther south than me, but ours has really hit its stride. After a winter that hissy-fitted its way out, and a spring that sputtered its way in, we are relishing some of this month’s treats. For instance, we’ve been mushroom hunting on an every-couple-of-days schedule, and haven’t come home empty-handed since we started seeing the little delicacies. (Did you think I was going with devils there? If so, then clearly you haven’t tasted them!) Tony kicked my butt yesterday which is okay since it’s usually the other way around the woods are absolutely B-E-A-utiful right now. Maybe I didn’t find as many because I was too busy lying on the ground taking pictures of wildflowers? I recommend clicking to enlarge.

If you want to know what any of those I named β€œwildflower” are, feel free to ask my mom. She might even tell us in the comments if I prod her publicly like this πŸ˜‰ I love you Mom πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Speaking of flowers, the fruit trees have asploded. We drove up the peninsula to check out the orchards and were, like we often are while driving up the peninsula, distracted by the beauty of the rolling farms and nearby lake. Not all the trees are covered, but enough are that it’s magical just like a fresh, thick blanket of snow. The trees are cloaked in soon-to-be yummy fruit flowers (again, ask Mom on the particulars…I find it MUCH easier to identify the tree type when they are actually bearing fruit), and the ground is carpeted in dandelions. And as soon as you step out of the car to take a picture, the sweet scent of blossoms greets you as does the industrious hum of bees.

Do you remember Crazy Face? He’s our neighbor horse. (We have no idea what his real name is. For all we know it IS Crazy Face. In any case, that’s what we call him on this side of the fence.) He had a buddy in the pasture next to him, but he was quite old and I am sure Something Sad happened to him. However, we noticed the other day that he had a new buddy – Baby Crazy – and I got up yesterday morning and they were horsing around the pasture together. By which I mean they were horsing around. It was immensely cute, but I have no pictures of that show you since the camera’s battery required a recharge, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. However, here are some pictures I took this morning when they were mowing together.

Sorry for the meandering nature of this post. I had loads of pictures (I’ll bet you noticed!), and decided to share before things got nuts. You see, we have parents on the way, officially opening our bed-n-breakfast season, and then a trip to GA to help some of our best good friends move up here to be almost-neighbors! Weeee!


5 thoughts on “A Walk Outside

  1. Awesome pics! And, LOVE the Calla! πŸ™‚ You are convincing me more and more to move there…I’ve just got to find a way to subliminally suggest it to Joe πŸ™‚

  2. We have flowers at our place?! Suh-weet. Even more sensory goodness to look forward to, and only 10 days away! Can’t wait to get there … and to actually see our new home in person πŸ˜‰

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