Beach Trek Par Excellence

I love living in this awesome place that is my own personal paradise, but I especially love it when I get to share it with the special people in my life. Tony and I packed a picnic (late) lunch and a backpack, got us all (Zy and Kade went with us) dressed in appropriate beach gear, and headed off to the Dunes to explore the remains of a once-sunken shipwreck that were found freshly washed ashore in November 2010. It was an arduous 5 mile hike, but it was virtually empty for the 5 hours we were out (we saw some people at the start and 2 guys at the end), and it ranks in my top 5 all-time favorite hikes. Aside from the sheer beauty of Lake Michigan’s expanses and the vast stretches of sand dunes, we also got to see the endangered (in Michigan at least) piping plover and the threatened Pitcher’s Thistle. Check out the slideshow to take the hike with us, and if you get a chance, congratulate the boys for a hike well done πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Beach Trek Par Excellence

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