Compilation of Excursions

I really should do this more often. Then my posts would be more coherent and less over-stuffed with pictures. (For instance, this post has 26!  Don’t forget to click for larger versions.) Okay, maybe they would be neither. I have an excuse for not writing more frequently, just not a good one: this summer we’ve taken many of the same trips (with the camera!) that we have previously. But, I figure if I still appreciate the beauty of a place, mightn’t you? I hope so. Besides, a location holds differing appeal at each visit, right? So here we go…

Last time I left you we were preparing to return our nephews to their parents and attend my family reunion, to be followed immediately (as in the same day we returned to our home) by Corey’s family trip. Right then. I’ll leave out the gore, because there was some, and just tell you that we managed to have a pretty good time, despite the death (and subsequent rebirth) of Corey’s Audi. In addition to abusing the kids with beach picnics and sunset swims, we took a trip out on a pontoon boat (thanks for the birthday/anniversary present Mom and Dad!) on East Traverse Bay. We stopped at one place over open water – only Tony, Corey and I jumped in – and we also docked at a few shallow places where everyone could enjoy themselves.

Tony and Addi at our Haserot Beach picnic

Corey('s cannonballing rear-end) in the foreground, Power Island in the background

Jess and Jackson floating above the drop-off

On the heels of Corey and Company’s visit, we (Us’uns and the Cliftons) hosted a fellow Billianite over a long weekend. I’m sure highlights of his trip, were you to ask him, would include a multitude of meals and craft beers. I make it sound like he’s an obese lush. He isn’t. It’s just that we have a LOT of excellent places to eat and the area is renowned for its locally-imagined and created brews. My highlight reel from his trip consists primarily of a day spent at the dunes. Buck, Tony and I hiked out to the shipwreck (a repeat for us) in the morning to find more of the remains uncovered. Then, we spent the remainder of the day at the beach in Glen Haven.  Perfection.

Empty Beach in Blues. I will never tire of this.

Shipwreck remains

Another angle. Is that the curvature of the earth?

Shipwreck parts...I wonder if it's the same wreck, because they're about 1 mile apart

Large bolts holding the old ship together

The driftwood bench we all sat on eating local cherries

Tiny tower of rocks

Last weekend, we hit the Traverse City classic boat show. I took loads of pictures of classic wooden boats docked on the Boardman River downtown. That same day we (us and our imported best-good friends Jim and Jess – and Jackson – Clifton) headed up to Elk Rapids for Harbor Days where we sampled some fair food sought the Short’s beer and soda tent. We didn’t find it, but we did get rained on, so that made an adventure of it. Since then, we’ve – somewhat predictably – skipped rocks (Tony yes, me not so much), taken pictures of hoards of flowers (me only), and watched the earth turn its horizons away from our home star.

Sunburst on a classic boat

And I was under the impression she was in Alaska...

Boardman River beauty

Single Queen Anne's Lace, post rain

A taste of home (albeit in the wrong color), also post rainstorm

Skipping rocks on a placid Lake Michigan

Wildflowers and sunflowers in a field along M-72

Another sunflower field - off Baggs Road

With its face toward the sun

Clump of Queen Anne's Lace at Sand Lakes

Tart cherries basking on Old Mission Peninsula

Sunset over south Torch Lake

Sunset over Old Mission Peninsula near Eastport

Sunset over the bay in Traverse City

Sunset at the tip of Old Mission Peninsula

Last one! Later that night. Which one's your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Compilation of Excursions

  1. First I like the the picture with the drooping seed pod and my next fav is Torch Lake. All are good though. Just love them all…keep it up!

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