Return of the Swamp Thing

For tonight at least, I am writing shorter blogs with fewer pictures.  Okay, it might be more honest to say that I’ve simply taken less time since last post than normal, and thus have fewer pictures to cram in.  Hmm…

Yesterday was a beautiful preview of fall Up North.  We recently got some much-needed rain that got pushed out of the area by some cooler and drier air.  The sky was full of drama all day, and we had big plans later that night: pizza, homemade ice cream with homemade salted caramel sauce (if you saw the Facebook post and are wondering why I won’t shut-up about this, you just haven’t tasted heaven-in-food yet), followed by Perseid-watching.  In between pizza and ice cream, we headed to the local swamp for a brief hike through some wetlands.

Tony and I hadn’t been to the swamp since last year when we, along with our Maui-dwelling friend Meg, were harassed into running by swarms of black flies.  But, the black flies have come and gone, and so off we went.  Baby J did admirably well considering most of the growth near and on the path was much taller than he.  It must be like Fern Gully from his perspective, and I briefly considered crawling, but I am much too mature for that. 😉

The path was part old railroad bed, part squishy swampland, and part boardwalk that you daren’t step off of else you dip your foot into who-knows-how deep muck.  With a palette of saturated greens and browns, the Skegemog swamp is surprisingly verdant.  Our approach to the overlook was crowded with overhanging cattails and fragrant mint. Once there we were rewarded with undulating grasses, fresh breezes, warm sunset light, and the occasional family of ducks taking flight.  Perfect way to end a late summer evening.

Sunlight in the distant treetops, and a view of the boardwalk

Crystal clear water wending its way through the swamp


4 thoughts on “Return of the Swamp Thing

  1. An excellent experience that we were glad to share in. The sunset payoff at the end was serendipitous and serene. I still can’t believe you made your own caramel – Good God, what skills!
    Another great evening with great friends

  2. What a lovely way to end a day! Being not especially creative (nor interested in being so) in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure ice cream comes in tubs and caramel sauce in jars, no? It does in my house, so I must admit I envy you your homemade varieties.

    • Sometimes I get a bit obsessed at being good at a particular thing in the kitchen. Several years ago I determined I’d make pies. This summer, I decided I needed an ice cream maker. I’ll still buy ice cream out (we have some great local spots!), but I’m not sure I can ever call store-made caramel “caramel” anymore! If I thought it would keep, I would make you a present of it, it’s that good 🙂

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