Weekend Update

I’m in the midst of a challenge in which I actually do better about posting. Like Jess says though, I’m too busy doing all things that I’d blog about! This past weekend, for example was full of planned and spontaneous outings that spilled over into this evening. Alas, it’s been but a few brief days since I last did this, but I have 20 pictures to share, and that’s culled from about 150! If you’re still with me though, here’s a recap of the weekend:With Jim and Jess serving as our visual markers, Tony and I swam a somewhat ridiculous length out into the bay to free-dive an old shipwreck at Yuba. I say ridiculous because even though it was nice and calm at our house, it was not on the bay. Plus, it was a really long way to carry a camera that all but refused to cooperate. The lens cover would not open, and open water is not the place to mess with a camera in a dry case. More on that later.

Tiny bit of the wreck at Yuba. The yellow is the camera case. The black is the lens cover. 😦

After Friday’s adventures, we planned a much more sedate (and food-filled) Saturday. The weather was supposed to be cooler and rainy pretty much all day (and it was), which we figured perfect for brunch at Cafe Sante and dinner at Polish Kitchen (and it was!). Between our two food (coma) events, we made a run through Chandler Hills, a place we mushroom hunt in May, and promptly took a wrong turn ending up at the Sturgeon River in Wolverine. (Good luck if you’re attempting to following along on a map!) We weren’t terribly lost, and the river was a nice break from the car, even if we did get rained on.

Water pump near the Sturgeon River

Raindrops on cornflower, near the Sturgeon River

Since Wolverine sits right off of I-75, and since it was a rainy day, and since Jess had remarked several times lately about Petoskey being her northernmost destination, we aimed our sights at the UP. We stopped in Mackinaw City, primarily for picture-taking opportunities, and then crossed the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula. We drove a bit around the coast and St. Ignace and then, being trolls (we live under the bridge, get it?), we headed back south (mostly to make sure we got to our dinner spot before close!).

On our way, we stopped off at aptly-named Wilderness State Park where I took pictures of pebbles and Tony (gasp) skipped rocks. The sun parted the clouds some during our coastal drive, for which we were thankful after a soggy day.

Sunday couldn’t have been much different from Saturday. Whereas Saturday definitely felt like an early autumn day, Sunday felt distinctly like summer. We loaded up the kayaks for one of our favorite river trips, down the Platte River. Considering it is a favorite for most folks who visit the area, we waited till the rental shops in the area closed for the evening before we put in. The sun was warm, the shadows were cool, and the river was clear. Along the way we saw wildflowers sprinkled like confetti on the riverbanks, uncountable minnows, and a lone heron fishing for dinner. To top it all off, we were just in time to catch the sunset from the top of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Tonight’s outing seems a bit tame in comparison to the weekend, but what do you expect? It was a Monday after all. After Friday’s camera frustrations, I did some MacGyvor-ing to the little camera and was able to get it to work, barely, during our river trip Sunday. I didn’t show you the pictures where the camera (or operator) was malfunctioning, but you can take my word for it, it was. With a little more work, I have successfully (do you use that word when you’re tearing something apart?) removed the faulty lens cover. I thought I might take some pictures from above the Elmwood wreck in Greilickville that we were scouting, but I was wrong. We didn’t find it. We did, however, find some really cute boats and got to hang around on the tranquil surface of West (Traverse) Bay while the sun set behind us. Also, we talked to the harbor and park master who confirmed our prediction about the wreck remains, so you’ll see it someday. Just not this day.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. You have had many adventures! It’s sometimes interesting at this busy time of year trying to fit blogging (and downloading pics) into our busy schedules. Great blog. Fun looking and your photos and imagining your fun.

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