A Toast to Good Friends

Despite our apparent bed-n-breakfast, Tony and I are probably not the people you’d think of when considering the term “social.”  It wasn’t until our friends’ wedding at the end of April that we realized how lucky we were to have maintained such good friendships with high school friends.  This past weekend, we had several of those friends up (and over, to be more geographically correct).  I felt kinda bad because the weather didn’t cooperate to display northern Michigan to its best advantage, but as good friends always do, we had a great time anyway.We started the festivities with some low-fat, heart-healthy fare cooked by yours truly.  The menu? Roasted squash and Italian lasagna with portobello cream sauce, cherry pie (we do live in the cherry capital, after all), and homemade white chocolate ice cream.

Propaganda pie 🙂

We had a pontoon boat reserved, but got thunderstorm warning-ed out.  Instead we waded in at the sand bar on Torch Lake and played skip ball.  Also, we wandered out to the drop-off and screeched at the frigid water upwelling, truly marking the last summer days here.

Joe and Kaye playing in Torch Lake

On Saturday, we took the kayaks up to the Elk River for an introduction “lesson,” wherein I took each of our guests out individually over the Albatross (shipwreck, pictures somewhere on this blog) and the blooming lily pads closer to shore.  I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easy the kayaks are to use, and were also a bit creeped out by the eerie stumps lurking just underwater.  Joe was more than a bit creeped out by the wreck; I think one could say he had the heebie jeebies, or even the jiblies.  I digress.

After the tame waters of the Elk River, we headed up the Old Mission Peninsula for some more views and another trip on the water.  This time, Tony played tour guide, and tried to show off a junk pile.  Sounds romantic, I know, but there’s some cool stuff out there under the surface.  Some guys tried (not very hard, I suppose) to create a party island (why they needed a party island is beyond me, because the area was way less inhabited when they did this over 50 years ago, but I digress again) by sinking a couple dinghies and a car.  In any case, the lighting was poor, because it was cloudy and getting late.  I told you at the beginning, the weather was generally feeling uncooperative.

Tony leading the pack

At this point we played scary movie, and split up.  Tony took Kaye to check out the Elmwood wreck, which I mentioned the other day, and I took Josh and Meredith to check out the Old Mission lighthouse.  The general amount of moisture in the air made it seem like there wasn’t a horizon.  The water at the tip of the peninsula was as perfectly still as it gets, and it looked like the lake just spilled seamlessly into the sky. I would show you pictures, but I didn’t bring my camera.  😦  Tony and I got out to the shipwreck on Tuesday, though, so here are some shots of what Tony and Kaye saw.  We’ll have to go again when it’s less stirred up, because I had to really edit these two so you could see something.

General location of shipwreck

Looking back on the shore

Wreck seen from above

Wreck from the upside-down view point

Almost done!  Sunday started out absolutely beautiful.  The girls got up early-ish and went shopping in town, and the boys met us later for lunch.  Then, we headed over to the west coast with the intent of checking out the shipwreck that I’ve written about a few times previously.  I say “intent” because, as you know, the weather was persnickety.  Instead, we watched a cold front roll in, and then took off for the dune drive.  We finished the evening off with a windy, smoky campfire and video games.

Hops farm, on the way to the dune hike. This is what happens when 3 picture-happy girls ride in 1 car 🙂

Hops vine and rope

Overlooking Lake Michigan. Looks nice, right?

Oh. There's the front.

But did we leave? No we did not. Not until it started to rain.

Josh and Meredith enjoying the last moments of sun before we dashed off for coffee & dune drive

Bald eagle! He was hard to photograph because he was in a hurry, but you can see him if you enlarge.

So maybe the weather didn’t play nice, but we did.  I love that we can have everyone together in the same place.  I love that we get to explore beautiful scenery and introduce people to new things.  And I love just hanging out when none of the rest of it seems to work.  Here’s to great friends!  Thanks for visiting, and we hope to have you back soon.


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