Idyllic Weekend Wanderings

**FYI – I intended to post this last night, but WordPress tried to argue with me, and after almost hours spent on a 10-minute job, I politely walked away**

This weekend, loosely defined, was one for picture-taking. I awoke Thursday morning to this. I had no plans of staying up (I’m a late-to-bed, late-to-rise kind of girl), but I was compelled to run downstairs and outside in my bare feet to take these pictures.

Double rainbow over neighbor horse and farm

Rainbow and reflective rain showers

So THAT'S what's at the end of the rainbow!

Cold feet aside, it was totally worth it, and it made a nice day-opener for Jess’s birthday. Birthdays make a good excuse to eat bad, which we did. Butter pecan cake with salted caramel frosting. Homemade vanilla ice cream with warm caramelized apples on the side. Yum!

Birthday cake

Birthday sunset

Saturday was spectacular all the way around. We met at Jim and Jess’s, and walked to Patisserie Amie for lunch. Our food was excellent, as reviews had indicated, and β€œpardons” pardoned, it wasn’t even too pretentious. Success. After coffee at Morsels, enjoyed on their patio, we jotted over to the Platte River to kayak while the salmon raced upstream to spawn. Late afternoon sunlight streamed in, which kept us nice and warm, (so long as we weren’t ensconced in shadows) and highlighted some wildlife. We saw hundreds of salmon, a couple geese, a swamp bird I couldn’t identify (and also didn’t get a picture of), a heron that was incredibly focused on its next meal, and three deer. I’m sure there was more, but these stood out.

Looking downstream at anglers fishing for salmon below the weir

Color-corrected salmon

River reflections

Tony floating down the river

Geese preening

Heron hunting

Today (yesterday for most of you), Tony and I decided to head up Old Mission Peninsula to purchase some apples and peaches, and hunt some boletes. We didn’t find any, but we did find these.

Delicate flower

Chicory backed in goldenrod

Apples ripening in the late summer sun

Puffball cradled in stump

Leaf on aspen

Checking out the bay at the tip of OMP

Hopefully you made the most of your weekend, and have a good start to this week!


6 thoughts on “Idyllic Weekend Wanderings

  1. Even my cold, wet feet agreed about it being worth it πŸ˜‰
    And yes – herons fly away when approached by three kayaks. S/he tried to remain undaunted and focused, but I think I would have taken flight, too. Especially if one of the kayaks contained a two-year-old happily splashing over the edge!

  2. I’ve been arguing with WordPress, too. Sigh… Well, not arguing really, but we’re not best friends this weekend, anyway, lol! Nice pictures. I would like to go bolete hunting with you. And some of those apples and peaches on Old Mission Point sound superb. That would be a fun way to spend this weekend.

    • Kathy, next time we are in each other’s neck-of-the-woods, we will be sure to hunt boletes together. Or morels. I am a fan of mushrooms πŸ™‚ The peaches and apples are absolutely delicious – you can’t beat fruit fresh from the tree!

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