But it’s also good to be home

Last week we took a spur-of-the-moment trip down to Ohio.  Our stated goal was to get some work done on our car (check plus thanks to my brother Corey), but also to visit with family.  We were regaled with tales of niece Addi’s cuteness (for instance – “…L-M-N-O-P…*gasp* Pappy!” as she looks adoringly upon my father), had dinner and a homecoming parade with Mamaw and Papaw, celebrated Phil’s 5th (decade) birthday, visited with siblings and parents, and got hugs and kisses from nephews and niece (not nearly enough of this, though!).  I should also note that I got in a requisite shopping trip with Mom and Steph. 🙂  All around, it was a great trip, and I look forward to the next chance we get for such good family times.  But, as always, we’re glad to be back.

We got home early enough on Sunday to watch a movie.  Perhaps that sounds unimpressive to you, but it’s been months since we’ve watched a movie not as workday background, because we are just not indoors enough outside of work hours.  Regardless, we enjoyed it (much more than expected – The Adjustment Bureau, FYI) and the cats enjoyed the couch-time.  Mission accomplished.

We anticipated a week full of rain, but we awoke to a light fog that lifted to expose blue skies.  Following a yummy chicken soup (thanks, Mom for the recipe guidelines 😉 ), we drove north along the eastern edge of Torch Lake.  The fall colors are really starting to gear up, so it’s about time I start planning an inland fall color tour.  Pictures will follow, of course. I kind of wish we had lingered longer along the lake shore, because sunset would have been spectacular there.  The Cone Corral was closed, so we had no ice cream to enjoy by the water’s edge.  Instead, sunset was spectacular from a place nearer to home.  Once back at home, and in lieu of pumpkin pie flurries, I made cherry cordial cookies and served over some leftover homemade vanilla ice cream.  I can’t really complain.

I’m anticipating the end of this icky system, as drier (and cooler…) weather prevails toward the weekend.  It’s raining again, so I’m glad we got out and about while the getting was good.  I hope you get a similar chance.

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4 thoughts on “But it’s also good to be home

  1. Love the pictures, especially the sunset – of course. Who doesn’t love sunsets? The cookies look great – husband keeps telling me we don’t have any cookies in the house. I keep telling him good things come to those who wait.

  2. I am now hungry for a cookie. Your photos look yummy. It’s good to take a trip home and see what the rest of the family are doing. I love our trips downstate to the Thumb. Hopefully your rain has now stopped. It seemed to stay around a while, didn’t it?

    • The cookies were yummy 🙂 I would share them if it were doable; I love sharing baked goods! The rain did hang around for a while, but we were blessed with a beautiful weekend, so I can’t complain too loudly. We’ll wave at your family in the Thumb on our way to our family in southern Ohio next time 🙂

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