The Moods of Torch Lake

Want to catch a sunset with us?  How about two?  Let’s go to Alden to see how the lake can change!

Torch Lake, like any lake of a decent size, has many moods.  Two nights ago, as a storm rolled in, the lake was calm and the sky was gauzy.

Tonight, though, we’ve already had the storms and the lake is whipped into a bit of a frenzy by the remaining winds.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get some sunrise pictures to compliment my sunsets.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  It’s well-established (as evidenced by the timestamp on this post) that I’m up late and out of bed similarly.  In the mean time, you can count on more sunset pictures, and more Torch Lake in the fall pictures.  I hope you enjoy them!


6 thoughts on “The Moods of Torch Lake

  1. You get the sunsets – and they are just gorgeous! – I get the sunrises. Because I have morning coffee in the morning room which faces east. Sunset time is usually inside time and I miss most of them. Isn’t it a gift to have a husband who puts up with our picture taking?

    • I’m glad you get the sunrises, because that means I occasionally get to see one 😉 We both work from home, so our inside time lasts just through “normal” work hours, and then we’re out and about. And you’re right – it is truly a gift to have a husband who so patiently deals with requests to pull over like I might miss something imperative to living if I don’t get THAT picture!

  2. Those are some awesome sunsets! You are lucky to have a good horizon on Torch Lake. Did I ever tell you my brother owns a cottage on Intermediate Lake near Bellaire? We used to go to the Dockside most trips (my parents used to own the cottage.) OK, if I’ve told you that fact ten times before, let me know. LOL!

    • You are not repeating yourself to me, directly, but I did enjoy your post with the foggy lakeside pictures. I (sometimes) love how the internet makes a small world of this large planet 🙂 We drove by the Dockside just the other day and I was telling Tony (husband) that we should really eat there sometime.

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