Fall Vingnettes

Warm sunshine, cool shadows and crisp breezes. A perfect day for Sunday driving. Apologies in advance for those with slow connections. Hopefully you’ll pardon my overzealous picture-posting (18 this time) if I tell you that this is only 10% of what I took today. *Sheepish grin*

We met the Clifton trio at Rennie Orchards and partook of their family friendly fall offerings. Gourds and pumpkins on display in all their glory. A pint-sized hay maze. Long or short hay rides through the orchard and pumpkin patch. Fresh pressed cider, with pears included for additional sweetness. Apples and other fresh-picked fruits for sale, or pick your own (highly recommended if you’re taking a little one like we were). If you haven’t stopped by an orchard in your area lately, I suggest you add it to your to-do list. As a favorite local blogger would say: I don’t see how you can go wrong.

After the orchard, we reminisced at Manistee Lake – the place we all stayed on the Cliftons’ first Michigan trip – and the Goose Creek campground – the campground where Tony spent numerous childhood summers fishing and canoeing. The autumn sun set a maple on the western shore of Manistee Lake ablaze in gold, while it graced the Manistee River at the campground with shifting shadows.

Each season, I think, is my favorite. Isn’t fall perfect with its gift of colors, bounty of fruit, and unexpected warmth ahead of the winter cold?


9 thoughts on “Fall Vingnettes

      • the one you commented “which one of these is not like the other”? After posting that, I did, however, catch on to the fact that there were 3 pics where one of the leaves really stood out..sorry to mess with all of your heads!

    • If fall is the most flamboyant, spring comes in a close second, at least around these parts. We got two late season snow storms this spring, one dumping 20 inches and another at the end of April dumping 8 inches. And as we are practically surrounded by orchards up here (cherry, apple, pear, peach, plum, apricot, etc.), we get bushels of blossoms. So, spring can certainly be showy. But, it’s tough to argue with fall’s vibrant colors. Reminds me a bit of a peacock strutting! Glad you like the pictures, because I will be out there with my camera again, and I am shameless at over-sharing 🙂

  1. Very beautiful photos, Heather. Is autumn the best? All too soon those oranges and reds and yellows will leave us in black & white. What am I talking about? Let’s just enjoy October some more! Especially this weekend…

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