Shades of October

For more than a week now we’ve had solid blue skies and summer-y temperatures.  Add in the fall color and you get lots of pictures.  We’ve been taking it pretty easy, going out on several Sunday drives – on both Saturday and Sunday – and otherwise just trekking around the neighborhood.  Fortunately for us, fall is in full swing, and we sigh at its beauty daily.

There’s a community little league park a couple miles down the road from our place where we’ve been taking daily walks.  You might think that will all the clear skies and sun that there would be ample opportunity to get good pictures, and you’d probably be right.  However, I’ve had a difficult time finding the lighting I wanted, but I took a work hiatus one afternoon, post-walk, to get these, just down the road:

This weekend seemed like the perfect time to take a fall color tour.  Apparently everyone else agreed, because we ran into many color tourists on our trip.  Everyone was cheerful though, and even when it seems crowded for northern Michigan, it’s really not that busy, so we really shouldn’t complain.  Okay, no complaining!

In the past couple weeks, both my siblings and their attached families moved.  Congrats to all, and I wish you luck in recovering all your packed up goodies.  I am always surprised when I lose something amidst boxes that I packed.  This last time I lost two shirts, a dress, and a jacket.  Found them all several months later in a box that did not at all make sense.  So there you go.  Anyway, I spent a short while on the phone with Mom tonight catching up with everyone and their new paint choices.  In the meantime, I wandered aimlessly around the yard and woods out back.

And, in between these not-so-adventurous adventures, I sneaked in a few baking extravaganzas.  Fall is usually the perfect time for me to really get back into baking. The light and colors are right, even if the weather is clueless!  This warm spell makes me wonder what we’ve got in store this winter.  Hmm.  Thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Shades of October

  1. your composition is fabuluos..just reviewed the whole blog, and of all the photos, the milkweed pod touches m heart for some reason..

    • I am fond of milkweed, too. I have pictures of it in every season, but fall is my favorite. I love when the soft insides tumble out and blow away. I often consider collecting it and stuffing pillows with it 😉

  2. Gorgeous photos! The cookies look delicious – I really should do some baking too. But first the lawn is requiring attention, perhaps the last mowing for this year.

    • Perhaps I should more lawn-tending and less baking. Ha! We haven’t mowed since the Thursday before Labor Day, but it’s only overly long out back where we’re the only folks it might bother. So, maybe I’ll just stick to baking after all.

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