Turbulent Lakeshore Voyage

We’ve navigated dozens of northern Michigan roads this fall, visiting our favorite haunts and finding new ones. Until this weekend, though, we had neglected America’s (new and possibly voter-biased) most beautiful place: the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore. Last week’s luminous summer-in-fall gave way to more typical hit-or-miss rains and chill, and I was a little excited this morning while tossing on my sweater, coat and hat for our adventure.

The change in weather was accompanied by some serious winds, and on our way west, we noted many trees dressed for Halloween in their leafless skeleton costumes. As we neared the Big Lake, though, the number of fully leafed trees increased, even if they still weren’t particularly fall-hued.

Our arrival in Empire made it obvious that the sights would be worth the trip. If it weren’t for the sand pelting me in the face, or the freezing effect of the winds, I could stay at the beach for hours on a day like today. Alas, I was sand-blasted and my benumbed picture-taking fingers turned bright pink.

The dune drive was – as always – impressive. The partly cloudy conditions dramatically lit the wind-churned Glen Lakes, and carved intricate sand sculptures atop the dunes. Beyond that, the blustery breezes cleared out any haze, and instead served up superb visibility.

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Tomorrow brings the Tunnel of Trees and Polish Kitchen. What fall outings do you have planned?


4 thoughts on “Turbulent Lakeshore Voyage

  1. hmmm…we are going back to Lowes today! Todays pick of pics would have to be the farm in the valley..all are beautiful..

    • You’ll have to imagine my shocked face (and would have to even if you were sitting next to me!) about the Lowes trip. I love those barns, too. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but they’re all built in the same style. You should take some of your farm in the fall. Good practice with your “new” camera 🙂

    • Ah, but I’m sure I’ve never been to your area. It’s been quite a while since I’ve even been “out west,” but we did make it to visit a friend in Maui a couple years back. I’d really like to get out to see Olympic sometime…

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