Making Halloween

A few days ago, Jess and I set about disfiguring carving pumpkins for fun Halloween.  She had already acquired her future jack-o’-lanterns, but we stopped by a farmer’s market in the icky, cold almost-rain so I could choose mine.  I grabbed a couple of matching baby gourds and a large-ish (not one of those monster pumpkins!) warty pumpkin to take to the chopping block.  Armed with a professional carving kit – 2 fondue forks, 1 long knife, 1 paring knife, 1 serrated knife, a spoon and a hammer…yes, a hammer – we set to work. Aside from B. Pumpkin’s (Jess christened my pumpkin with this moniker) unusually tough/thick skin, things proceeded as expected.  Hope you’re having fun “making Halloween” too!

B. Pumpkin's guts

The 3 Pumpkateers - B. Pumpkin, Fang, and Peep

A flattering 3/4 profile 😉

B. Pumpkin on the counter with some relatives


6 thoughts on “Making Halloween

  1. Halloween just isn’t my holiday, but then again where we live there are no trick-or-treaters, so it really is much like any other day. Love your disfigured pumpkins! Oh! Excuse me – your very charming carved pumpkins.

    • I don’t think I’d put Halloween at the top of my list, but I do love to decorate for fall, including carving up a pumpkin. We live way out in the outfield, too – that’s why I’m taking my pumpkin into the thriving metropolis of Traverse City (the entire TC area has about 140,000 residents) for visitation rights 😉 Trick-or-treaters are cute, too.

  2. Disfiguring pumpkins! Oh, that’s a laugh. We haven’t done any disfiguring in a coon’s age. We haven’t even had a pumpkin recently. (So it’s nice that you shared yours, Heather.)

    • I am such a sucker for traditional decorations 🙂 I even bought a bunch of squash at the grocery store that would be cute with my jack-o’-lantern. But, I do have plans to cook and eat my decorations, so that’s good, right?

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