Making Spirits Bright

The wind is loudly blowing, the snow is streaming down in thick, heavy confetti flakes, and the road is coated (in ice, I’m told). At least in places. It finally feels like winter Up North should feel. It might not stick around, and we probably won’t have a white Christmas (I sincerely hope that’s because we’ll be in Ohio , where we frequently don’t have a white Christmas), but it makes me happy right now.

I’ve had few words to share recently, and I’m blaming that on our utter lack of snow this season. I realize that we’re only two weeks into December, but last year by this time we had become pros at using the snow blower. This year we got about 6 inches of snow in a pre-Thanksgiving snow fit, but have been either dry or rainy since then. Dingy, brown, wet, blah. No wonder I haven’t shared anything. Who wants to read about that? Apparently you, since you’re still reading. 😉

I hope the snow sticks around. Then I feel more justifed at the absurd amount of Christmas Merry-Making I’ve been doing and have mentally scheduled. I made a couple batches of chewy sea-salted caramels and peppermint-candy-cane-coated marshmallows and shipped them all over the country as Christmas presents. I made more caramels after checking with the truly wonderful folks at Morsels to make sure me making things for them wasn’t weird. (It wasn’t – they seemed stoked today when I delivered them!) I’m planning to make some English toffee coated with milk chocolate and peanut butter. I know it’s traditional to use a semi-sweet chocolate, but I want the nuttiness of peanut butter. I also plan to bake some ricotta cookies with salted caramel butter cream frosting, and chocolate ricotta cookies with peppermint butter cream frosting. Yes. It’s just Tony and me in the house. But, I do share with friends, and I may even pack some to our family down south. If there’s any left. 😉

So what do these pictures have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing, just as you thought. But they’ve been hanging out in my “blog” folder of web-ready pictures that I intend to share. Now I’ve fulfilled my obligation to myself, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed something that you may not get to see every day. Kathy, I know you get the chance much more than most, and for that you are blessed.

If I don’t see or talk to you before then, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (or any other holiday you happen to celebrate). I wish for you that you get to spend meaningful time (in person, over the phone, online, or simply in thoughts) with those in your life you love.


12 thoughts on “Making Spirits Bright

    • Well, not right next door; that’s where our horse neighbors live (whose names I learned!). But, I think some pictures will be in order for further enticement 🙂

  1. Hi, Heather, was that “Kathy” directed to me?? (Or do you have sixteen other Kathys reading your blog?) So you’re headed to Ohio. I hope you have a fun Christmas there, and who knows, maybe you’ll be snowed in down there? We’re headed to Georgia and I am thinking my blog title might be, “I’m dreaming of a green Christmas” unless you decide you want to borrow it first. Heck there’s enough in a title for two to use, except neither of us are dreaming of green Christmases except maybe on the day we’re traveling. LOL!

  2. We are also without snow, but I am grateful for that. I want the snow to wait till my kids are here because I hate driving to the airport when it’s snowing and blowing. Once they get here, if Mother Nature wants to snow them in, that’s fine with me.
    You have a wonderful holiday in Ohio!

    • We’ll be driving to Ohio, and we’re pretty well set up with good snow tires. But many of the other folks on the roads won’t have them, so I wouldn’t mind if those roads were clear. I’m pretty sure our parents feel the same as you about a storm blowing in to keep us there. Enjoy your children 🙂

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