Feeling Full

Feeling full of it, usually. But also of cookies, and most especially of life.  We had one of those weekends that makes you grateful to be alive and surrounded by other people loving life.

We decided to have a pre-Christmas Christmas celebration with JC3, and kicked things off with fancy coffees (you know, from that place I keep telling you about because it’s really, truly awesome).  Then we meandered our way down icy, snowy sidewalks amidst a gentle breeze accented by some lake effect snow.  Jackson stoically had a blast (because that’s how he rolls, with the exception of one “Wow!”) checking out the miniature trains at the Festival of Trains.  It was a very impressive set-up overall, and kids were running everywhere pressing buttons that activated various parts of the train models.

On our way back, we checked out some Christmas light displays, and wandered into an impending block party.  The neighbors hang loads of lights in the alley between houses, and then (apparently) have a holiday block party each year.  Multiple couples wished us Merry Christmas, and cheerfully invited us back later when the party was set to start.

After we returned from trains and winter merry-making, we had what was perhaps my favorite morel dish to date: morels rehydrated with white wine, sautéed in a bit of butter with a dash of salt and garlic; chop those up and stir into some cream cheese and parmesan; stuff into little crescent roll triangles and bake.  Yum. Seriously. Then we exchanged gifts (in which I was lucky enough to receive the coziest socks and cutest slippers possible – really, I feel like my feet are inside pillows and the slippers I might will wear out of the house – AND cute ear muffs/headphones).  And then we had dinner.  You see, we felt less gluttonous by splitting everything up.  Jess made her mom’s recipe for squash casserole, along with a Paula Deen glazed ham and requisite mashed potatoes and gravy.

Putting a pause on the over-indulgence, we headed back out into the falling snow to peep some more lights.  The block party was in full swing, with kids making plans to throw snowballs at any cars they could reach. Of which there were none, but the plans were very exciting. Deciding we had accumulated enough snow on our coats, we trekked back for dessert and goodbyes.

Considering all the baking/candy-making I’ve been doing lately, you’d think I was done. But I spent a few hours tonight baking more delicious things.  Homemade buttercream is the way to go, folks.  It really melts in your mouth, and it’s not like the store-bought variety is good for you just because they don’t use butter.  Do yourself the favor next time 😉

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Oh, and that Christmas tree?  That’s our “official” Christmas tree. We don’t put one up because we have demon cats, who even though they are eleven years old, act like kittens who don’t know any better and cannot behave themselves.  Jess decided the situation was ridiculous, and so now we have one.  We can even move around the ornaments 🙂


2 thoughts on “Feeling Full

  1. What a fun weekend! Many years ago, when the kids were little, we used to have “progressive” dinners with a group of friends, with each course of a meal at a different home. It was just great!
    Your Christmas tree? Well, this year I did put two sets of ornaments on ours – snowflakes and icicles. And I keep picking them up off the floor and putting them back on. Lily kitty doing her thing. At least she’s not sleeping in the tree this year like she did last year.

    • I did a progressive dinner once back in high school. That might be a good way to solve the whole too-many-meals-on-Christmas-Day dilemma.
      Lily kitty must be more tame than my two – one’s an indomitable cord-chewer and the other’s a climber and general havoc-maker. They have knocked down a few Christmas trees, multiple times each. Trustworthy they are not 😉 But I would love to decorate a real tree. Snowflakes and icicles sound lovely.

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