The Storm Rages On

We welcomed the New Year with the Cliftons in Traverse City – we stayed up late Saturday night playing euchre, watched the Cherry drop in downtown, and enjoyed a late brunch courtesy of the excellent cook, Jess. Oh yeah: Tony and Jim also stayed up early (5:30!!!) playing guitar. Us girls had the sense to call it a night about 3 hours before that. Tony and I called it a day around 1:00pm and returned home…just in time to watch our first real winter storm strike with a fury.

The wind howled all night, dumping fresh powder as we looked on gleefully through the back yard’s spotlights. Our work commute is quite treacherous (we walk all the way down our stairs…fourteen steps), so we always feel child-like joy when the snow buries us.  We didn’t get a foot, but there were places in the driveway that had at least that much, and it took us an hour to get it all clear. Which, by the way, feels like quite the sisyphean task when the wind blows back in your face most of what you just cleared, and you can’t see your neighbor’s house less than 1/4 mile west.

If we hadn’t had Big Plans, we possibly would have just let the snow sit like some clichéd television judge, (“I’ll allow it – I want to see where this is going…”) but we did have plans. Sometimes I think we just clear the drive because it makes us feel better, because the road was certainly not clear. At all. There were some tracks though, so we figured the intrepid little GTI could make it.  It did.  We spent the remainder of the day doing this:

Then, we had sandwiches at Short’s.  Seriously, they have the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. And the macaroni is not too shabby either.  Not too shabby at all.  Also, I hear the beer is good if you’re a craft brew fan. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, give us a shout – we’re always up for some downhill fun followed by yummy food! The reverse order works for us, too 😉

The storm held its breath for us – it must’ve been just for us, because TC has been getting it! – and that’s nice, because we didn’t drive in much sideways snow.  But, the winds have shifted slightly again, and the snow squalls are aligned with Rapid City. I’m crossing my fingers that the power stays on!


2 thoughts on “The Storm Rages On

  1. Such strange weather this year. We have no snow and daytime temps in the 40s. While I don’t miss driving in the snow, I do miss looking at it.

    • We’ve had strange weather too – at least it appears that way to me, since this is only my second winter here. But, we are about 3 feet low on snow, thanks largely, I believe, to a La Niña. Those tantrum-y niñas 😉

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