Not a snowpocalypse, but…

I think the thermometer climbed all the way up to 17 degrees today, but the wind was blowing, so I’m not sure our “feels-like” temperature reached double digits.  I had plans to spend my entire workday inside tucked safely under my heated blanket, but the sun beaming down on unspoiled snow beckoned.  Still, until I had a Special Request from Jody, I had resisted the urge.  But then, out I went.

I think in all we only ended up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 inches of accumulation, but it was hard to tell with all the drifting.  There are a few places in the yard where the grass pokes through – barely, and you should also keep in mind that I stopped mowing just before the Labor Day weekend! – and there were also places that were easily hip-deep. Lake effect snow is a funny thing, coming in intense bands separated by bright, clear sky.  Yesterday Traverse City got hammered, but it seemed focused on the western half of town. We only got about an inch. Last night we got another inch or so. But this morning, the winds dried up, and so did the snow. For about four or five hours we almost needed our sunglasses on inside.

Here’s to you, Jody: Thanks for the nudge to get off my tuckus and get out there.  Peanut gallery, I hope you enjoy our snow from afar 🙂

Our snow-blown driveway, under ~2" fresh snow

Back yard

Finally plowed!

Sunburst and shadows

Wintry barn

Rocky's - a.k.a. "Crazy Face" - artwork

Blue shadow fence

Snow tracks

Snow arch

Window ice formations


14 thoughts on “Not a snowpocalypse, but…

  1. Great snow photo’s, almost makes me want to run and play in it. Way to get off your Tukus and take some pictures.

    • Tee hee! Tony is going to love it that I used that word 😉 It’s fantastic to run and play in! I seriously wanted to spend the rest of the day out there. It’s keeping warm and having a cozy place to come home to that make going out in the stuff so much fun.

  2. Beautiful! I wouldn’t even moan about a snowstorm like that one! It’s the continuous stuff that would get to me. And it CAN be kind of fun busting up the drifts in a 4WD on a country road…

  3. Snow is beautiful. Especially Sunburst and Shadows. Do you ever feel that snow gets too ordinary, that it’s not worth photographing? And yet so often–it is. Beautiful photos, Heather.

    • I’ve only experienced one good Up North winter, because THIS one doesn’t count, so I’m still amazed and enchanted by the snow. It’s so fluffy and inviting and cold and dry and silencing. Ahhh. Thanks for the words of support, too 🙂

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