Spying on the Neighbors

Perhaps if I’d titled this blog “Spying on the Nay-bors” you might have thought me a bit less weird. Perhaps not.  In the middle of cleaning up tonight’s dinner, I ran outside three – yes, three – separate times to photograph the sunset. Which felt a lot like spying, because my horse neighbors kept giving me questioning glances, but couldn’t quite tear themselves away from the delicious winter grasses they were munching.

First, I looked up and thought, “Wow, we haven’t had a nice sunset in a while. I better go get a picture so I remember what that looks like!” Okay, that was filtered through my non-rose tinted sarcasm lenses. What I really thought was more like, “Wow, that’s pretty!” Satisfied that I had a decent shot, I came to the house, kicked the snow off my snow boots, and took them off by the door on the tile so I wouldn’t get snow-water all over the house.

Then, I looked back out the kitchen window, and thought something along the lines of, “It’s even prettier now, if that’s possible.” Snow boots back on. Clomp, clomp, clomp through the snow. Nay-bors look at me like I’m a crazy lady. Snap, snap, snap.  Okay, now I’ve got everything I need. Kick, kick. Snow boots one and two. More dishes.  Repeat entire process once more, almost exactly.  Okay, seriously, I’m done.

Then, I looked out the side window. Yep, you got it: Run grab the camera. Click, click.

Alright, let’s go drop these cookies off! (Maybe I should take the camera with me? NO, the sun is settinggoing away for the night!) You didn’t know there were cookies, did you?  There are, and they are awesome. I (miraculously?) didn’t take any pictures, so instead I’ll share this with you:


It’s the new salted caramel latte at none other than my favorite coffee shop, Morsels – inspired by the chewy salted caramels that yours truly dropped off in December.  Happy New Year to me!


10 thoughts on “Spying on the Neighbors

  1. So what you do is, you bundle up warm, grab your camera, go outside, get comfy, stay there happily clicking away until it’s all done. Then you go back in and finish the dishes. And eat the cookies, no delivery required.

  2. Ha ha, Heather, great title! Great blog! I now want a cup of coffee and to see a sunset through these trees. Both, seemingly impossible requests. 🙂

    • I was amused with myself on that title 😉 I am a stay-up-late, get-up-late kind of gal, so coffee and sunset go together much better for me than coffee and a sunrise. Not that that’s what you were requesting. Next time you’re in this neck of the woods, we can aim to get at least one of those requests!

  3. A sunset like that is just like having a rainbow blanket the whole sky. Really nice. I have just glimpses of sunsets from my windows – must trot across the road and down to the beach to get the full effect, and then I can stay a long time, watching it change. I never get tired of it.

    • Well stated! I think that for something that happens every single day, it never gets mundane. Some days are more impressive than others, but it’s a surprising thing to think “I just really like to stare at/around the horizon.” I’ll be posting pictures of last night’s sunset soon to get us through the dreary sunsets of the next couple days. Hope you get some snow – you know, just enough!

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