Pulling a Wheelie on a Snowmobile

No longer burning bush

Up here they’re called sleds and the locals scoff (or pleasantly inform you otherwise) when you call them snowmobiles. I’m not sure what sleds are. Toboggans? But then what do you wear on your head? A beanie? It’s all so confusing. If you think that’s bad, what should you really call it when someone pulls a wheelie on a sled?

I know that some folks invest in sleds with heated seats and hand warmers, etc., but I cannot fathom that kind of purchase. I buy small packs of toe warmers to use when I go skiing, and I am not willing to invest further heating implements to keep warm while playing in the cold. But I do love to watch other people revel in the outdoors, and so I gleefully cheered when three sleds turned around in front of my house just now, and pulled wheelies (trackies??) when they left.  You see – there are benefits to living on a one-bun (because that’s nicer to say than half-a**ed) paved road out in the way back. There are any manner of things one can get into.

If you’re interested in how our latest snow storm turned out, wait no longer. We got another 10-12 inches, according to snow reports to NOAA. And since it fell in relatively calm conditions, it really piled up beautifully, even on the hardwoods:

*Some of you already know, but I feel compelled to let those who don’t in on a non-secret: my dad made that trellis for me to get married under 🙂


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