Wintry and Wonderful

First, there are 18 large images included below, so if you have a slow connection, I will be eating all your bandwidth while they load. My apologies. It might do to fix some tea or coffee while you wait. 🙂

This weekend is probably the first this season where the whole thing felt seasonable. The snow from our first big snowstorm hadn’t entirely melted when we got the second big snow, and I’m not sure a single snowflake has melted from that one. Sublimed, perhaps but melted, no. Yesterday we spent three glorious hours skiing on mostly pristine powder. I felt a bit like the kid from A Christmas Story. I had on two pairs of socks and toe warmers; leggings, yoga pants, and snow pants; under armor-ish shirt, thick thermal shirt, down ski coat; and two neck gaiters, a running beanie, a balaclava, and a bi-layer knit hat. It didn’t feel as ridiculous as it sounds, and it kept me warm, which is pretty impressive considering it was all of 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) when we started.

It was one of those days that makes you feel alive. The sky was streaked with bright blues and swathes of patchy clouds. The trees were still tufted in downy snow. The air was nearly still, but very crisp. All in all, perfect for taking pictures. Today wasn’t what most would think of as picturesque, but that’s what we did since I felt like I should give my knee the day off. I was thrilled with the weather though, since it was a typical northern Michigan winter day: snowing and overcast, but bright because of the reflective ground cover.

Pictures are arranged somewhat chronologically.
In the back yard, and on our road:

Glittering ice drops

Patriotic 🙂

Morrison barn

270 degree views of Torch Lake, in Alden:

Looking north

Looking west

Looking south, toward the sandbar

Sunset over East Bay:

North. I love the ice formations 🙂

Because I liked the shot both ways

Cool ice "cubes"

The sun sets in the south this time of year

Because I liked this one both ways, too

The Platte River, today:

El Dorado park

Braided waters, from a spot I hiked to off the road

Views at the Point Betsie lighthouse:

Ice on a sea wall

As seen from "above"

Spray and ice

silently watching

Don't tread on me! (if you don't want to go for a swim)


8 thoughts on “Wintry and Wonderful

    • It was such a good picture weekend – I felt like I needed to save some up for a future blog post, but I decided against it. I really like that view of the sea wall, too, and I’m not quite sure why.

  1. What great pictures. I’m not sure about a favorite, maybe the sunset over East Bay with the ice formations. I laughed at how many clothes you wore skiing! Did you go to Shanty Creek or Schuss Mountain?

    • I still feel new to the area, but I’m pretty sure we’d say we go to Schuss Mountain at Shanty Creek? You have no idea how easily I get cold! As I type this, it should be noted that I’m sitting under a heated blanket 🙂 But, I have the gear that allows me to be cozy out there, so out we go…I know you understand!

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