RapidCityRecess Goes Dark

Greetings All,

I generally keep what I consider to be a light and friendly tone around here, usually free of politics. In that spirit, I’ll keep partisanship out of this, but I wanted you all to know that my humble little blog will be going dark tomorrow to help support the nationwide effort to stop the passage of SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act, aimed to protect copyrights online).

There are oodles and oodles of blogs dedicated to this topic, and perhaps even more new stories, so I’m not going to say anything here that hasn’t been better stated elsewhere.  But, in short, I feel like SOPA could be really, *really* bad for teh interwebs. I’m not of the conspiracy theory variety, but I’m also not of the “The government knows best and would never do anything unethical” variety either.

If you’re completely uninformed, here’s a couple of beefs with SOPA:

Your site can be shut down, even if *YOU* didn’t violate copyrights

If a user posts anything that’s copyrighted on your site, you’re liable. You MUST police your site. Consider this if you’re Facebook or Twitter. Or even if you’re just another blogger who loves your blog dearly. Sure, you can fight it. After your site’s been shut down. Guilty till proven innocent.

Punishments for violations are seriously cruel and unusual

No kidding folks, you could go jail for five years for posting any copyrighted materials. You would never do that right? Because you wouldn’t post an embarrassing video of you singing someone else’s song, right?

Okay, I’m stepping off the soapbox. Momentarily.

  • This gal makes the case against SOPA more clearly and eloquently than me.
  • Join the fight here, where there’s a prepared letter to your representatives that you attach your name to.
  • If you blog via wordpress and want to participate, this site explains how.



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