When the VW Didn’t Make It

By the time we got into TC for lunch yesterday, the snow had arrived. We – Tony, Jim, Jess and me – laughed and skipped (yes, literally) our way to Firefly for sushi (it’s half priced on Tuesday, in case you’re in the area and were unaware) followed by seriously good coffee. I know you’re surprised by that last part. Tony and I didn’t hang around like usual though, because with the fresh snow came fresh plans for skiing.

On the way home, we passed a cavalcade – 4 in a row!- of snowplows, lost sight of traffic lights, and watched the bay disappear into the storm. By the time we made it to our recently cleared road, it was completely buried. Were we worried? Nope. We have an intrepid GTI with snow tires.

But then we got to The Hill, half a mile from the house. We hit with some speed so we could make it, and then slowly coaxed the car up. Traction control screeched (it actually does this silently, but it sure seems like it’s yelling or at least using ALL CAPS) and we slowed, then stopped. It was clear we were going to have to walk.

Okay, that didn’t happen, but it almost did. The little GTI grunted its way up the hill, but even with tires spinning, we plowed our path to the house. I say “plowed,” because the little GTI has little ground clearance, and one of these days, that story will be true. When that happens, we will have to throw in the towel and trade up.

Yes I am wearing purple leggings to get the mail. The rest of the country seems to think this outfit is fine, even though I admit it's ridiculous. FYI - the snow is over the top of my 10"-tall snow boots, the area was relatively clear when we left, and it's not in a drifty area.

Since we barely made it home in the early afternoon, it was obviously a bad idea to head back out after work. Snow furiously poured down all afternoon and evening. Where we were “supposed” to get about 2 inches, we got closer to 12. We’re getting 3 to 6 more tonight, and more after that, and more after that. I say anxiously: I think we’re finally getting back to normal. 🙂

How we spent the afternoon today, and what we'll be doing tomorrow - hooray!!


8 thoughts on “When the VW Didn’t Make It

  1. Our snow yesterday turned to rain late in the day after dropping 6″ to 8″ on us, down here in the valley. We now have slush with the winds continuing. The mountains, they are saying, continue to get snow and will continue to get snow late into the night. Yes, winter has found us, although it is still not a “normal” year.

  2. Hi Heather! I read your comment over at Carol’s comparing yourself to a doggie rolling in snow. **grin** I’ll bet you do snow angels, too. I had to click on the picture of you to get a better look. Do you think we’d recognize one another if we happened to meet unexpectedly in–say–Gaylord?

    • P.S. I am glad you didn’t have to walk! That is no fun.
      P.S.S. I just discovered that you are not on my blog roll. How did this happen? You’re on it now!

      • We were glad, too. But mostly because we wouldn’t want to leave the car out in the “wilderness” 😉 Otherwise, that hill is on my running route, and isn’t a big deal. Thanks for the blogroll addition!

    • I think I would recognize you, since I’ve seen more pictures. I used to be much more circumspect about posting pictures of myself online, but I’m getting over it. If we do meet, I promise to be wearing something more substantial than leggings 🙂 And, yes, I do snow angels and sometimes I just lie down in it to appreciate its fluffiness 🙂
      If you’re in Gaylord sometime, we should meet!

      • Hey Ms. Heather–as long as you can recognize me–we’ll have to meet in Gaylord or Grayling or Bellaire sometime. I travel through that area at least once or twice a year on my way downstate to see the folks in the Thumb.

        • Just give me a heads up and we’ll make plans! I’ll do the same when we make our excursions to the UP. We haven’t been there much, but plan to explore because we are road-tripping fools 🙂

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