Overdoing It

Forgive my Jeff Foxworthy-esque line here, but you might have overdone it if your visiting friend says: “I’m having a great time, and I can’t wait to go home,” and “I don’t ever want to eat again.”

Our good friend and colleague Dave came up from Atlanta for a Friday through Tuesday work-meets-vacation trip.  We started by gorging on entirely too much jalapeño and bacon macaroni and cheese, that cake I mentioned, and homemade vanilla ice cream with the homemade toffee. It was, perhaps, a bit much for lunch. No one complained. Except about being too full. The way I see it, that’s not my problem; after all, I worked mine off skiing a short while later.  Repeat the same sentiments about pretty much every other meal we had this weekend, and you’ll have a rough idea of why I had edamame and hummus for dinner tonight.

Over-the-top on food: check. And we apparently overdid it with skiing, too. We did take Dave out skiing Friday, Saturday, and Monday, with a healthy hike tossed in on Sunday for good measure. Honestly, though, if skiing is one of your favorite things, wouldn’t you like to get as much in as possible, especially considering how this winter has gone? I thought so, too.  However, I think all our friends are having a tough time standing up today, and Tony and I received threats to have our rear-ends kicked next time we’re in Atlanta. I’m aware that pride comes before the fall, but I think we’re up for the challenge.

View of Sleeping Bear Dunes and lake effect snow from our hike

Dunes, South Manitou Island, South Bar Lake

That’s all for now. We were too busy enjoying too much of a good thing to take many pictures, and I’m oddly short on words.  It happens to the best – and most loquacious – of us. 😉

The sun goes to bed and the ice melts on Clam Lake tonight


7 thoughts on “Overdoing It

    • We don’t try to break all our guests – only those who profess that skiing is their favorite thing ever. You’re welcome to come along in real life or pretend blog life 🙂

  1. I agree with Carol…between the food and the skiing…well, how about this? I’ll come over for dinner, but then go home to my brother’s cottage in Bellaire while you ski. Then we’ll meet for lunch somewhere nearby. Sounds good? **grin**

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