Two of my Favorite Things

I don’t really have a list of favorite things, but if I did, this blog would be about two of them.  Bear with me as we back up a month…

Sometime in the middle of January, Tony and I were driving along East Bay on our way to dinner in Traverse City. We had left the house a few minutes before work hours were technically over, and I had sent an email to a colleague right before powering off the laptop. Said coworker had emailed me back, and I decided to check it while riding. I should clarify that even though I work remotely, I am entirely too cheap to buy a smart phone, and so I had grabbed Tony’s phone to complete my task.

Or so I had planned until Tony snatched his phone out of my hands at terminal velocity as if I were a child who had been warned multiple times not to play with his expensive device. Immediately incensed – nay livid – I snapped my head around and delivered a withering glare, as if to demand: “How dare you!?”

It turns out that he dared because he had ordered a surprise gift for me utter moments before walking out our garage door. My anger instantly turned to bemusement at his panicked response.  Crisis averted 😉

And so set in nearly four weeks of waiting impatiently for what was supposed to be a surprise.  We came home Tuesday from our trip to Ohio and found my gift waiting:

As a fan of Guns N’ Roses since elementary school, and a recent fan of Doctor Who, how could I not love a marriage of the two? I was surprised 🙂

Now some other imagery from our outing yesterday:

  • An iced-over Bass Lake in Elk Rapids and a couple of ice boats. We just missed someone out playing on his; he was folding up the sail as we arrived.  I’m glad they’re able to enjoy the ice somewhere, because the big lakes are not even remotely frozen.

  • East Bay at the Dam Beach in Elk Rapids

4 thoughts on “Two of my Favorite Things

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to keep something a surprise – what a nice husband you have! It seems the ice oriented activities are severely limited this winter. Makes me fear summer.

    • I did my best to guess what it was without cheating and just digging in his email. He tells me that the shirt comes from a company that produces only 1 shirt (multiple prints though) a day, so he made the snap decision to get it.
      I am also concerned about the summer. Namely, the bugs! Are they a problem near you?

    • We’re still laughing about it, because it was SOOOO out of character and such a panicked response in an attempt to keep my surprise present a surprise. Too bad he then had some ‘splainin’ to do 😉

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