When your face is on fire and you’re happy about it

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve read through my fair share (okay, someone else’s share as well) of complaining about our sub-par winter. But really, we’ve had just enough cold temperatures and snow to make things worthwhile, and not make me wish for spring. Yet. This weekend added more to the “enough” column of the ledger. (Thinking of you here, Carol!)

Since the 31st, it has been warmer than usual, and we haven’t had any snow to speak of. This makes skiing not fun. The surface of the snow gets crunchy and downright icy as it thaws during the day and re-freezes overnight. We don’t go out on that unless we’re desperate. But like any good psuedo-weather junkies, we keep our eyes on the forecast, and the weather dudes (yep, official title) said we were getting snow Friday. It would only amount to perhaps two inches, but we were hopeful the fresh powder would make skiing doable Friday evening.

Friday came along, and as often happens, two inches of lake effect quickly turned into more like five, and the skiing was good.  Not great, but good. We had three solid hours of fun, and three hours spent going downhill is three hours not spent on the couch, so we felt like we won, and presaged a pleasant weekend.

With the sun setting early (about 6:00 pm now), I don’t get out to play with my camera as often as I like during the week, so we spent Saturday afternoon out taking a Sunday drive. It was a tough choice, skiing vs. picture-taking, but ultimately the temperature and wind-chill made the decision easier. It’s much less difficult to stay warm when you drive a car with heated seats…that you always have turned all the way up, because otherwise, what’s the point?

After not skiing yesterday, hitting the slopes today was a given. It was warmer than it had been the past couple days, but I still bundled up like I was protecting against absolute zero. Today was probably the best conditions we’ve had all season. The snow was fast and even, and there were very few places of scrape-y ice. And, if things weren’t good enough already, the skies even cleared gradually, ending up completely clear and blue.  If I didn’t have old lady knees and if Shanty Creek was open later on Sundays (they close at 4:30), I think we’d have had Short’s for dinner and been back out for four more hours.

As it was, we came home for what Tony has dubbed “Satan’s Macaroni and Cheese”* (mind you, he did not refer to it by this moniker while he was eating it…), and then rushed back out the door for some Torch Lake sunset time.

So maybe winter hasn’t been great overall, but it’s been good enough, and it’s hard to ask for more than that.

*”Satan’s Macaroni and Cheese” = very hot jalapeño and chicken mac.


6 thoughts on “When your face is on fire and you’re happy about it

  1. I like the sunset pics. I like the sound of that mac and cheese. I like that you like skiing, even though you ski on the hill that almost killed me as a teenager. Nice pics. I like the third from the bottom the absolute best.

    • I’m glad they meet with your approval! I think I like the ice stalactites on the beach the best, but you know how picture children are: I love them all 🙂 And that mac and cheese is truly versatile – white cheese and hot peppers go well with lots of stuff! – but I’ve been making quite a lot of peppery things lately, so I might have to dial that back if Tony isn’t to die of heartburn!

      • Oh no! Did I offend any of the picture children by choosing a favorite? Please, Heather’s other children, I loved you, too. It was just that one of you “spoke” to me. (Yikes! Offending picture children.) We like spicy food, too.

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