The boys are back in town

What do you do if you’ve invited two of your nephews to stay with you over a long weekend in the winter?  If you’re us, you wear them out 🙂

Zy and Kade, our ten and seven+ year-old nephews, came to stay with us over President’s Day weekend, and we crammed just about as much action into a weekend as you can. We got up each day and went skiing. In three days, we spent twelve hours skiing. That does not count our breaks. Those boys were serious troopers, and their skiing abilities saw huge strides this weekend. Both of the little guys became comfortable controlling their speed with turns down blue runs, and Zy even skied down a small black twice. (Translation for non-skiers: Turning to control speed is good, and is opposed to using the wedge or “pizza” method where you press the tips of your skis together. This uses your thigh muscles much more, and you get tired more quickly.  Ski runs are graded by color and shape: greens are easiest, blues are medium, blacks are hard, and double-blacks are hardest. We only have one double-black that I’m aware of where we ski.) Short version: they stuck with it even when they had some rough crashes, ended up having a great time, and we were (are) immensely proud of them!

Literally half a day of skiing (that’s 12 out of 72 hours, in case you want numbers) would exhaust most of the adults we know, but we tossed in several other activities just to be sure. On Saturday morning we visited some sled dogs after skiing. Then, we went to the WinterWow Fest in Traverse City, where we checked out the snow and ice sculptures (blog on that soon just to show you pics!), watched snowboarders do tricks, and snow tubed. Also, like any responsible adult, I let the boys climb up the giant snow pile in the school parking lot. And just for good measure, we picked up Jackson (Jim and Jess’s little one, who’s going on three), and went sledding and had a snowball fight.





Sunday was pretty much a rinse-and-repeat of Saturday, minus the sculptures and sled dogs. Sprinkle in some video games and nighttime reading of The Hobbit and you get a pretty good picture of how things went.  I think we all needed a vacation after their vacation 😉

6 thoughts on “The boys are back in town

  1. I enjoyed your weekend immensely. Sitting here in my comfy chair, cup of coffee next to me, fluffy robe warming my body. That’s the way to ski, sled, etc. for me. Chair potato, with wifi.

  2. You are such a cool auntie and uncle. Way to go!

    They look adorable.

    Did I ever tell you about the time my family took me down a BLACK DIAMOND hill in the Porkies? I sat down and wept, halfway down the hill. Poor 9 year old daughter tried to waddle up the hill and rescue mama.
    Very sad.

    • Aww thanks 🙂 We try to be a good influence and squeeze in a good time!
      You did not tell me, but since I’ve learned to ski (last year), I’ve heard some horror stories. People who’ve been told skiing is easy and they don’t need lessons. People not knowing how to get off the lifts and having to jump with skis on. Now you, being dragged to a black diamond. There are a couple black diamonds I’ll do at Shanty Creek, but I always work my way up to them. If I wasn’t a confident skier, there’s NO WAY I’d go down one – it’s truly terrifying, and I don’t judge you poorly at all for having wept! That’s a sweet daughter though 🙂

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