Sculptures of Snow and Ice

Last weekend was Traverse City’s Winter Wow!Fest, an annual multi-day celebration held to prevent folks from going stir crazy. You can find all kinds of goodies there, including my favorites: soup, snow sculptures, and ice sculptures.  Oooh, also elephant ears. (Which I did not have this year, but would definitely recommend, even if it makes your tummy upset every time you eat one. I can speak from experience: it’s worth it.) There are other activities, and if you’re interested, I suggest the link above. It’s too late this year, but the festival is annual, after all, so maybe you can come with us next year?

I didn’t photograph nearly all the ice sculptures – it was getting dark and we had little boys with us who are not nearly as interested as I am in taking pictures. Zy comes close, but he’s still just ten, and I suspect even his patience would wear thin. I did photograph all the snow sculptures. Well, all but one, and I’m pretty sure that one was a mistake, since it looked like a bunch of half-hearted rocks piled atop one another. Instead of trying to organize these in some nice way, I’m just putting them up in a gallery. For ease of viewing, I recommend clicking on the first one (I did attempt to arrange them in order of increasing biased favoritism), which will bring up a viewer so you can click through or exit at will.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Sculptures of Snow and Ice

  1. I think I get it. Maybe. Things like this just amaze me; first, the ability to carve the ice and sculpt the snow to create such imaginative things, then the willingness to spend the amount of time required in the freezing cold. Artists, all.

    • I have a feeling that if one becomes a cold-medium artist, then one enjoys the cold. Still, that looks like lots of time devoted to developing the skill. I am duly impressed. And appreciative!

  2. My goodness, you have been a’bloggin’, Heather! Leave you alone for a few days, and you done good wild with creativity! I love looking at snow and ice sculptures. These photos are so cool. You done good.

    • I went on a bit of a blogging binge, huh. I’ll be on a bit of a break here very shortly with an upcoming trip down to Atlanta. I’m going to try to take pictures this time, though, to keep my creativity stoked. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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