Unbeatable Elk Rapids

What an awesome weekend! Jim came over Friday immediately after work and we all went skiing (by which I mean Tony, Jim and me – Jess took Jackson to the pool in Kalkaska for some warm indoor splashes). I gave Jim what I consider to be excellent instruction, and he officially skied: controlled, linked turns down the hills. This is in contrast to the former flying down the greens hoping not to crash. Sorry for calling you out Jim, but we really are pretty impressed with your Friday-night gains 😉

Afterward, we drove to our favorite brewery that we don’t ever drink beer at (I hear it’s great – we’re just not alcohol consumers). A couple acoustic guitarists entertained the crowd, playing a lovely arrangement of While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles, in case you’re not in the know). After an unspeakably delicious sandwich, I scurried down to Moka and ordered a couple of coffees (white chocolate toffee lattes, just so you know), and brought them back to Short’s for our last few moments there.

After dinner merriment, we all headed back to casa de Higham. Luckily, we are intrepid, because – I know I’ve said this before, but seriously – we drove through the deepest snow the little GTI has ever seen. Our road garnered over ten inches of lake effect snow in four hours. It was clean down to the pavement when we left, and our car bottomed out the entire two miles off the main road to our house by the time we returned. Our bright lights were dimmed by the snow that piled in front of them. The traction control light flashed until after we crested the hill. To say we narrowly made it might be an understatement. Snow filled the engine compartment and came off as steam after we had parked in the garage. But we made it.  Good thing, too, because the Cliftons followed us for a scary movie sleepover. If you liked either Paranormal Activity 1 or 2, then you’ll like 3. The converse is likely to be true as well.

Skiing, savory and sweet treats, and a scary movie are all enough to make a weekend rock, but we followed up with even more awesome. Cliftons and Highams enjoyed Pearl’s for lunch (I had crawfish chowder and cheddar grits; I especially recommend the chowder), and then Tony and I ventured to the beach in Elk Rapids for pictures. It was cold and windy, and my fingers ached by the time I reluctantly climbed back into the car. The lighting was spectacular, and the subjects willing:

click any image for a larger version

Black squirrel. Check out his little fingers in the second picture 🙂





Right now we’re off to get into something. Skiing? Torch Lake? Lots of a good thing is a great thing, right?


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