Fun with Frozen Water

In case you were curious, we chose Torch. We’ve been pretty busy lately, and decided simply to take it easy today. The wind had whipped Torch Lake into a bit of an uproar. But, even with the overcast start to our trek, the blues of the lake were incredibly vibrant. Of course, so was the wind.  I took a couple of pictures at the northwest end of the lake, then hopped back in the car.

Our intent was to circumnavigate Torch, but we diverged from the lakeshore and stopped off at Barnes Park and at Sayler Park. After the frenzy of Torch, East Bay was surprisingly calm.  And then the sun came out. A perfect way to spend a Sunday!  Go skiing with us tomorrow? (Which I suppose it technically today, now that I’ve glimpsed the clock.)

Please excuse the terrible picture alignment; WordPress wasn’t cooperating, and I wanted to go to bed.

12 thoughts on “Fun with Frozen Water

  1. Very nice pictures.Very cold pictures. The blues in the first one almost, almost, look tropical. I think our march to spring will be slow this year. I think this not-quite-winter will continue for awhile. Sadness.

    • The guy who blogs for the Traverse City tourism bureau said something apt today: “Forget that thing about lambs and lions; March is Lucy from Peanuts…”
      I’m thankful for the tropical hues, because I agree with you – spring could be a long time coming.

    • You spend your creative hours blogging instead of out seeking icy wonders; I tend to seek out the wonders and then find the inclination and time to blog about them! Are we playing yin and yang?

      • I used to do the same thing! When I first started blogging, I sought what was outside and then blogged about it–for a whole year–every day. Now it seems more important to seek what it is inside and turn it outside. Yep, we’re playing yin and yang. All of us, all the time, methinks. Someday you may find yourself switching too, Heather. **smile**

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