Just Another Torch Lake Evening

After a fairly typical Monday, I informed Tony that I wanted to watch the sun set over Torch tonight. I say informed, because I had pretty much decided I was going, and he almost always goes along for the ride. As the driver. Plus, it was a bit spur-of-the-moment. If you’re Joe Mama, you would recognize this as a “boop.” 😉  Anyhoo, Tony checked to make sure he had time to workout first (he did), and I tossed together a quick chicken, bean, and wild rice soup. I set the soup to simmer, Tony changed into some pants, and we headed to the lake.

I apologize if you have a slow connection – 11 pictures, all big follow

Your photographer - me 🙂

Red berries backed by Torch

Branch reaching out to the setting sun

The ice belies the warmth of the boulders

Small ice shelf

Melting ice

Blushing ice

Majestic tree at the Alden Marina

Rosy dusk

Alden Marina

Dock silhouette

I was wishing for a second layer under my jeans, and warm, wind-proof gloves that still provide enough dexterity to push all the little buttons on my camera. Ah, well, coming home to hot soup casserole (because that’s what happens when you add rice and then leave) will have to do 😉


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