Hanging My Hopes on the Weather

Yup – it’s a terrible idea. I’m doing it anyway: I officially have Spring Fever. It’s simply unavoidable, even when I try to keep my expectations in check. For instance, I fully anticipated that today would be a not-so-fantastic day, weatheritudinally (what, that’s not a word?). And it wasn’t. At first. It started out with a thick fog layer that hung around all morning. Just when the day began to look like a wash, the sun came out and brushed all the clouds aside.

I stopped working around 3pm just to go enjoy the afternoon sun and the chirping birds.  (Nevermind that I just now called it a day from where I dug back into my jobly tasks.) I took stock of all the plants that are waking their way out of dormancy. I even put the snow-blower back in its summer storage. Sure, I might be daring Old Man Winter to return for one last shebang, or five, but man-oh-man is the weather a gift right now. And I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.



2 thoughts on “Hanging My Hopes on the Weather

  1. I’m looking at small little snowflakes, waiting for them to change to rain like they did yesterday. I’m ready to go out and do the spring cleanup. I’m ready for cheery pretty faces of crocus and daffodils, followed by the grape hyacinth and other little spring flowers whose names I do not remember. I’m ready for spring. Now. Today. So thank you for sharing yours,

    • I write with such hubris, yet I am absolutely waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or snowflake. I cannot believe how giddy I am about the weather. It’s not that I’m normally reserved – after all I did spend hours hiking through the woods on crutches and in a cast last spring seeking morels that were not out of the ground yet – but the sudden arrival of beautiful weather makes me itch to get outside. Your spring will come too, whenever it decides the time is right 🙂

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