Through the Looking Glass

If Lewis Carroll had been to Torch Lake on a day like today, his novel might have had a different cover image. After dinner tonight, Tony and I went sightseeing, as we often do, along NE Torch Lake Drive. Another day of uncompromising beauty delivered us a distractingly glossy, unruffled mirror of a lake. I have never seen the lake quite this smooth and reflective. I know you’ve heard the cliché about something being as smooth as glass or as reflective as a mirror, but the lake actually looked like a mirror. Seriously, it looked solid enough to drive on! There are not great spots to pull over on that side, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

But we did stop on the northwest side of the lake at the William K. Good Day Park, where we saw someone we know. This never happens. We know very few people here. Turns out, Jim and Jess thought it would be a good time and place to take some visitors kayaking. I tend to agree. Also, I digress.

Even though the sun was now behind us, the lake was still incredibly shiny, just not so completely. I think it was even prettier, if I’m being honest. At a distance, the still surface bounced back perfect images of the trees (and boats) that hovered above, while nearby the transparent turquoise water allowed an immaculate view of the lake floor.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. If I were feeling philosophical, I could likely go on and on about how much more there is below the surface if we only take the time to look. Instead, I’ll leave you to ruminate. And to bask – isn’t that lake glorious?

I really recommend that you click the first image in the set and let the thing scroll through…easy one-click escape when you’re done 🙂


2 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

    • I’m thinking of getting a print made with similar words of wisdom at the bottom. I find nature can be a very inspirational in the way we view fellow humans.

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