No Foolin’ – April Morels!

After an unusually stressful workday, we unwound in the woods. Though not really expecting to find any mushrooms, we packed a mesh bag. After about 45 minutes of hopping from Ash to Ash, it became obvious that it was still too early, so I filled the bag with leeks. I updated some visitors that the weekend of the 20th would hopefully still be a good hunting weekend, but if not, we’d still have a good time. Then we drove down the road a bit, just to check a spot that produced a surprising quantity of nice yellow morels last year. Non-hunters: yellows are late-season, so I had no real hope here.

To my utter astonishment, we stumbled upon a small patch of six little blacks. (Season-openers, but still about a month earlier than usual)

Not the patch mentioned, but this picture came out better. Taken at 7:49 tonight with an iPhone camera...not too shabby, I think

And then we stumbled upon more. And then more. I was practically jumping with joy.

I would have left the tiny one, but it was knocked over when we found it, and it'll be good in breakfast

All told, we came home with 59 Morchella elata, and left around 25 to grow.

They might be little, but they pack big flavor

Who else is looking forward to breakfast? Expect a food post soon. Well, expect two, since I made a pecan cake yesterday that I intend to share, too.

Here are a few more photos from our Ohio trip, in case your part of the world isn’t ready for Spring yet, but you are: (Remember: you can click on any image for a larger version)

Honeycomb in my parents’ maple tree

Creek and bridge near Tony’s parents’ soon-to-be-former home 😉


2 thoughts on “No Foolin’ – April Morels!

  1. You win a prize! You win a prize! How cool is this, Heather? You are almost–almost–inspiring me to go out to look for morels. The problem is, I need a new patch. But you never know–it’s a new year. The other problem is: don’t want to leave the patient to go traipsing. But the patient loves morels… Great post.

    • Shall I guess that the prize I win is to eat the morels? I think we’ve been lucky in our finds so far. We captured a little over 50 more since Thursday, but it’s definitely still early, and we didn’t look today. So, I suppose what I’m getting at is this: Stay in with Barry, and wait for a more fruitful time to hunt for the blogger and patient-loved treats 🙂

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