Out and About Up North

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: Lots of photos coming up. Click any for a larger version. Enjoy!

Anyone know what this guy/gal is?

This weekend was beautiful from start to finish, especially since it was a long weekend 🙂 We did more mushroom-hunting than mushroom-finding, but it was all time spent outdoors, so that’s a win in my book.

We started out with a streak on Friday, bagging 44 morels. Some of them were so tiny we should have left them to grow, but when you have an excited just-turned-three-year-old with you, you let him pick them all in the hopes that he’ll become really good at it and find them for us. Hmm…sounds like a history of my childhood, Mom.

Growing in roadside gravel...GRAVEL! Do you spot all three?

On our way out of the woods, I spotted a veritable flock of butterflies congregated on the ground. Jess and I edged ever nearer; luckily for us, they were only interested in each other.

We spent some time getting to know this little lady. We figured she must have been a lady, because she was aggressive about the log we were sitting on. After fretting and squawking nervously, she darted toward me and vanished into a deep hole in the side of the downed tree. I’m guessing she had babies in there.

Jackson called her a chick-a-munk *cute*

Once it became obvious that all we were going to spot in the woods were cute mammals and ephemeral wildflowers, we left in search of other hunting grounds. Instead, we ended up in Manistee for pizza and lighthouse-viewing, followed by general Lake Michigan splendor.

Setting sun through an aspen, over The Lake

After the sunset, we drove east toward home with the only real expectation that Jim and Tony would be the only ones to make the whole trip awake. We were not expecting the lovely orange moonrise. Aren’t pleasant surprises the best?

Like true morel fanatics, we spend all day Saturday hunting, too. We found some nice-sized blacks on the edge of one place we stopped, but again we mostly just enjoyed the crisp air and hush of the leaves as we crunched our way around. After our limited success, we decided to bet on a sure thing: the beauty of the Old Mission Peninsula.

We rounded the weekend beauty out with a Torch Lake moonrise. My incredibly crooked, uncropped images highlight my need *ahem* for a tripod. Here they are, cropped:

And just in case you require one last moment of zen, here’s Torch Lake from earlier this evening, as a cold front pushed in some much-needed rain.


6 thoughts on “Out and About Up North

  1. All are beautiful pics, but have to say the moonrise pictures are totally different and my personal favorites. We just don’t get that kind of reflection on SR 28! And, nope, can’t identify that flower, I am slipping!

    • I’m glad you like them! I’m having a good time playing with the camera…the old one just couldn’t handle the low light. I’m also shocked about the spring flower you don’t know…

  2. I think that flower is known as Yellow Princess of the Michigan Wilds. That is, of course, it’s Indian name. And I have this bridge for sale. . . . Such a lovely weekend, I’m so glad you invited us all along.

  3. What a great selection of photos, Heather. You are so lucky to get so close to those sweet white-winged creatures. So beautiful.. I just scrolled through again to tell you my favorite picture, but I like so many of them! Good job, my friend.

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