Rapid River Stroll

Would you like to accompany me on a walk? Oh good – there for a second I thought you might say no. Let’s just take a quick jaunt over to that spot we found so many mushrooms last spring so that we can gauge how the growth is progressing. Ohh! There’s one. Do you see it? You’re right – there’s another one…make that two! Perfect. The season is really getting started now!

Let’s leave them to see how much they grow; they are tiny. How about we go over to the Rapid River? We can walk down that path along the banks of the water. Better grab a jacket though – it’s only 45 degrees, and it’s not getting any warmer as the sun goes to bed.
Shall we ponder the brook trout that are surely hiding in the clear, swift current as it braids itself around terrestrial outcroppings?

Or what about the frogs – or mosquitoes – that must be breeding here?

Be sure to keep an eye out for cedar stumps…

and swamp marigold clumps…

and gnarly tree trunks. How old do you think it is?

Are your toes as chilly as mine? I think it’s time for a heated blanket and perhaps a hot beverage. Would you like a marshmallow in yours? Me too.

Thank you for joining me on this brief hike; let’s do it again soon!

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