a little bit of childhood that can never be lost

My dear, sweet, darling sister and her boyfriend drove over 400 miles north from Ohio last weekend to visit us. All right…so the “dear, sweet, darling” bit might be pushing it a little, but just a little 😉  We had a marvelous time. Probably the best we’ve had since we were little, getting The Look from Dad for giggling over dinner.

They had come with the hopes of going on a few fruitful morel forays, and barring that, simply having a good time. They were disappointed on the mushrooming score, but we were wildly successful on goal #2. Well, I suppose they weren’t entirely let down; we did find a few. Combined with some I had previously dehydrated, they made an excellent cream of morel soup for dinner. (That’s the sound of me tooting my own horn. 😉 )

On to simple good times: Tony and I introduced Steph and Nick to Bananagrams, which they are now addicted to, and have since purchased. (If you don’t know what Bananagrams is, think: Scrabble on speed. And maybe click the link.)

The weather was conducive to a weekend full of word games, but we relegated them to the night hours, and spent the daytime adventuring. In addition to hours spent trekking through the woods – sometimes layered for rain-resistant warmth – we squeezed in some sight-seeing, fishing and kayaking.

While Tony and Nick tossed their lures into the Platte, Stephanie and I fought the wind in our kayaks. It was a beautiful trip when the gales subsided and the sun shone. We spotted a river otter paddling its way upstream, various bird species, numerous large fish, and a couple of sleepy deer plodding out of the reeds. Though we weren’t fishing, we had better luck than the guys, since we at least spotted a few. I hear they did catch a tree, for what that’s worth 😉

What we did most is what I think sisters do best: talk. Usually when Steph and I are together, it is with her (fantastic, awesome, amazing, cute…) boys, so we don’t get much adult time. Not this trip. We spent loads of time discussing things of great – or no – importance, and for me this made my whole weekend. Discussion surrounding new jobs, family matters, TMI bodily issues – you name it, it had a chance of coming up. Even if you wouldn’t talk about it with anyone else. So, thank you Stephanie, for coming up here and visiting. And thank you for being my sister. I love you. I’m so glad you’re happy!

Full disclosure: that picture is over four years old. Why did I not have Tony take a new one??
*Title quote by Marion C. Garretty regarding sisters


7 thoughts on “a little bit of childhood that can never be lost

  1. Tell me again, Heather. Which one is you and which one is Steph? I really MUST know the answer to this. 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful time with your darling sister.

  2. AND…again..tears…I soooo want a copy of that picture of you both. I have heard so many positive and good things out of both of you about your weekend/time spent together..as I have of time wpent with Corey, Kristy, and his family..etc…THIS RELATIONSHIP…is SOOOO what I want, and dream of, for my children..I/WE love you all….Love you..

    • As I keep saying: We have a great family! I don’t have overt concerns of mortality – what will happen will happen – but I cherish my family (on both sides of the marriage) increasingly as I age. I *am* pushing 30 pretty hard.
      Love you too. Lots.

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