The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

We awoke slowly this morning, luxuriating in the quiet chatter of raindrops and the low grumble of distant thunder. The day was shrouded in clouds with occasional, gentle showers, and a continuous bass-y under-current of growling thunder. Our windows survived a momentary pelting from small hail stones, and our electricity only flashed once…which is perhaps better than my heart fared when an arc of lightning cracked nearby, startling both me and the cat (who happened to be lounging in a heated-blanket coma).
By the time we were finished with dinner, Mother Nature had decided to behave hospitably. Tony and I walked a few laps around the park, enjoying the mild temps and summer-like thick air. Afterward, we hopped over to Torch Lake where we spotted some fish (possibly trout, but probably suckers) and skiffs of fog forming over the cool water’s surface.

I couldn’t choose a favorite, so I included several. Hope you enjoy!.

We didn’t hang around the lake to put the sun to bed, but that’s okay. I know where it’ll be tomorrow. 😉


2 thoughts on “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

    • Sometimes they stretch on, but sometimes they are fleeting. It’s been foggy since late last night…can barely see the neighbor’s house less than 1/4 mile away. Waiting for the promised sun…

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