Domestic Doings

My mom has a bit of a green thumb, and by “bit,” I mean: That lady can grow anything. When I was in middle school, she took classes to become a Master Gardner as an end in itself, such was her love of plants. She winters-over plants like mandevilla that are supposedly difficult to keep alive, and accidental plant amputations from beloved cool specimens receive first aid, to be given away once fully mended. When summer is in full swing in southern Ohio, her back yard – which has less grass with each passing year – rivals some of the professionally tended gardens I’ve paid to explore.

Dad’s pretty talented too – he made that gate, and all the metalwork for my mom!

As a child, I often helped out in the beds, mulching or pulling weeds. While I don’t quite have my mom’s obsession with new (to her) and interesting plants, she did instill a love and appreciation of photosynthesizers. I wouldn’t say I’ve always dreamed of planting my own flower beds, but I have enjoyed planning theoretical beds, always picturing a kind of wild look, splashed with bright blossoms.

Unfortunately, I learned nearly two years ago that further encounters with wasps and yellow jackets could be deadly, (no need to admonish me for my safety – I’m undergoing allergy treatments 🙂 ) so those plans have been tossed out the theoretical window. Instead, we’ve been on the search for colorful, attractive plants that won’t lure vespids into my path.

That Jacob’s Ladder fern will turn purple in the fall – how cool is that?

With that in mind, we jaunted down to the nursery last night, and loaded up our trunk with hostas, coral bells, and a few other plants. I know that they flower, but I think I’ll be able to keep up with chopping them off, and the foliage is really pretty. I can’t stand to have an unfinished project, so we got right to work. We ripped up grass, and transplanted eighteen new specimens to the bed on the north side of the house. As luck would have it, though, a cold front has sauntered in delivering frost and the possibility of a hard freeze. For the first time, I actually have to consider covering the things that grow outside my home. Am I doomed to failure before I even really start? I think I’ll call Mom and ask 😉

Found a new-to-Mom plant – meet the black four leaf clover:


7 thoughts on “Domestic Doings

    • Do I know how to push your buttons or what?
      I’m pretty excited I have a plant you haven’t seen! The lady at the greenhouse said it was new to them, too 🙂

  1. Those cursed surprise frosts – the ones that made me plant my vegetable garden twice each year until I just gave it up. Now I do not plant new things until after June 1 – and then I cross my fingers and keep a heater in my little tomato greenhouse just in case.

    • I’ve only planted garden plants in pots up here so far. My mom – of course – has a carload of things started for me, but I won’t be bringing them up here till June. And I think they’re still going in planters near the house where I’m more likely to tend them.

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